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Fitness Loosing weight ---Target Jul 28 2011
18:38 (UTC)

BMI 23-24 is good for men. At 5'6", aim for 142-148 lbs, unless you have a lot of muscle when you can weigh more.  See the BMI Table.

Weight Loss Eating at goal mantainance- what do you think? May 04 2011
13:17 (UTC)


I think that is a great idea and I wish more people would do exactly that.  Just start eating 1800 calories a day and figure that you'll never have to change (okay, maybe you'll want to eat less when you are really old), but there will be no transitioning to maintenance, no plateaus, no mind-games. Welcome to the club of people who are trying to eat right and stay active without 'dieting'.


Weight Loss Dukan Diet? Mar 24 2011
19:03 (UTC)

I wrote about this on Apr 27, 2010: What is the Dukan Diet?  I agree with melkor:  French Atkin's (even worse.)  Just a bunch of foolishness.

Fitness uh-oh Ask Mary...long and lean muscles? Jan 25 2011
20:13 (UTC)


I took that line right from the Guide to Pilates at, and I agree that it is a bit of jargon for the nonscientific reader. I do Pilates and I have to agree that, while my overall appearance may look a bit longer and leaner, my muscles are, in fact, not longer, only slightly bigger, definitely stronger, very much balanced, and my connective tissues is pliable. The amount of fat covering them has more to do with the number of calories I eat unless, for some reason, I rack up long hours of aerobic exercise, which is difficult to do while working so many hours here at Calorie Count.   Wink


Foods Maggiano's Little Italy Nutritional Info- Finally! Jan 20 2011
21:26 (UTC)


I just saw your post.  Thank you for this valuable information.  We will enter Maggiano's into the database pronto!  We always appreciate receiving nutrition information from restaurants especially regional restaurants that are so heard to get. 


Motivation Has anyone ever used hypnosis for weight loss? Jan 02 2011
00:59 (UTC)

See this Calorie Count article, Hyposis for Weight Loss.  It's a useful adjunct.

Weight Loss favorite wieght loss very well spent! Dec 22 2010
17:27 (UTC)

Any of these little things will help you to eat healthier: Gift Ideas for Healthy Eating.


Weight Loss do we burn more calories when we are cold? Dec 02 2010
17:57 (UTC)

From search Ask Mary:  Do I burn more calories working outside in the cold?

Weight Loss HCG Addiction? Nov 10 2010
21:57 (UTC)

Hi Everybody,

I wrote about The hcG Diet in June 2010.  You might be interested in the blog and the 175 comments!


Weight Loss A mathematical model of weight change with adaptation. Oct 28 2010
16:20 (UTC)

NEAT is neat! 

More about NEAT in the Calorie Count's Experts Section, All Activity Counts Toward Weight Loss.

Weight Loss Women: Looking for More Success Stories Oct 19 2010
14:27 (UTC)
Motivation How can I eat my fruits and vegetables? Oct 07 2010
14:49 (UTC)

Here are two articles that might help.  They live under Advice -> Experts -> Nutritionist.


Fitness Your favorite work-out DVD? Sep 27 2010
13:47 (UTC)

I refer to College Video.  Besides having every DVD available (it seems), they feature customer reviews, magazine reviews and staff favorites.

Foods Does anyone know a good healthy cookbook? Sep 24 2010
01:18 (UTC)

How to Cook Everything by Mark Bittman is good for simple, healthy and essential.

Calorie Count B12 error Sep 17 2010
18:05 (UTC)

You are so right, OldGuy!  I sooo need a proof reader like you.  Thanks for supplying the links too.  Have a great weekend.

Weight Loss Night Eating Sep 10 2010
13:55 (UTC)

Please read this Ask Mary Q+A, How can I control eating during the night?  Consider whether professional evaluation would help.

Weight Loss 'carb lovers' reviews anyone? Sep 04 2010
14:52 (UTC)

Read Calorie Count's review of the Carb Lovers Diet, Are Carbs Making a Comeback?

Weight Loss Carb Lovers Diet Sep 04 2010
14:48 (UTC)

Read Calorie Count's review of the Carb Lovers Diet, Are Carbs Making a Comeback?

Weight Loss Women: Looking for More Success Stories Sep 03 2010
02:54 (UTC)

Hi lisawlsme,

We gather these stories to fulfill requests from magazines and newspapers.  A PR agency represents Calorie Count because they are the experts.  I should have been clearer: we are looking for people who lost weight primarily by using Calorie Count, rather than by weight loss surgery.  Of course, everyone uses a many methods and sources of inspiration, but we are hoping that Calorie Count played a major role.  Also, even if you have an awesome story, there is no guarantee that the PR agency and then the magazines will accept it.  It’s always a long shot in the business, but still we try to feature our outstanding members because success should be celebrated and because role models help others.  Thank you all for your interest and please keep those stories coming.