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Mary Hartley, R.D., MPH was first the consulting nutritionist and then the Director of Nutrition at Calorie Count from 2006 to 2011. Between 2009 and 2011, Mary wrote hundreds of blogs for Calorie Count as Mary_RD. Scroll back through the blogs' archive.  To visit her Expert Corner, click here. To read her answers to over 2,000 questions from Calorie Count members, go to Ask Mary at the Advice tab. 

From Mary Hartley:

In 2004, I began a diet analysis and nutrition counseling service on the Internet. I didn't have the technology know-how I needed, but I was committed to the medium and I hoped for the best.

I had been a registered dietitian working in Providence, Rhode Island for 27 years, specializing in obesity, eating disorders and chronic diseases. I worked in HMOs, clinics, medical practices, teaching hospitals and universities, helping people of all ages with all kinds of medical conditions. I had a successful private practice for 15 years, and all together, I had more than 20,000 patient visits!

And so, there I was in 2006, a dedicated nutritionist in need of brilliant computer engineers, when I met Igor and Erik, just like I pictured it. Voila! Hope realized. 

I worked for Calorie Count for five years before leaving the world of office work to return to private practice.  I now "visit" patients via video chat or Skype, email and telephone.  Read about my services on my website, I CAN HELP YOU TO LOSE WEIGHT NO MATTER WHERE YOU LIVE.  I welcome you to contact me.

When it comes to weight control, I've always been committed to a realistic, personal and flexible approach. I believe in making informed choices based on values and preferences, with a clear understanding of the consequences involved, for better or for worse. I am sure that people can embrace fresh, healthy, well-prepared food and physical activity performed in the spirit of fun and stress control. Throughout my career, I have used a "Non-Diet Approach", which emphasizes appetite regulation around hunger and satiety and learning to solve emotional problems without using food.

Best wishes, and thank you for reading my page.

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