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Motivation Getting nowhere fast. Aug 25 2012
15:02 (UTC)
A word about the treadmill. Because I live in a place with very cold and nasty winters, I am forced to use the treadmill for almost half the year. Because of knee problems I can't run but a trainer suggested this technique for the most efficient use of the machine. Start a a comfortable walking speed (for me, a former couch potato it was 3mph) and instead of gradually increasing your speed over time, increase the elevation instead. Most machines will go up to 15. Once you can walk at elevation 15 for at least 40 minutes, work on increasing your speed. After 6months, I can do 4.4mph. This provides almost as much cardio as running without the knee damage, although I still have a lot of room for improvement (goal is 5mph). Also, you can go stir crazy from boredom if you don't have something to take your mind off the tedium of the treadmill. I love watching DVDs of plot-based, edge of your seat tv shows such as 24 and ER. My husband prefers listening to Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin. Go figure!
Motivation Getting nowhere fast. Aug 25 2012
13:22 (UTC)
After recovering from breast cancer and gaining weight from a combination of steroids in my meds and premature menopause brought on by chemo, I began a fitness/weight loss journey last November. I had never worked out before and my idea of exercise was walking to and from my car. I discovered a few things that may help you on your journey. First, if you feel that your food plan is too restrictive then you need to change it. This should be something that you can see yourself doing it for the rest of your life. I found that although counting calories is helpful, it is equally important to make those calories count. This takes research and the willingness to spend some creative time in the kitchen. For me, working out was great for toning and feeling great, but in the end, losing weight was directly tied to what I put in my mouth. Some calories were better than others. By trial and error you must find the combination of foods that fill you up, provide nutrients, and most importantly, taste good! Everyone is different. I hate salads but I love roasting a big pile of veggies, tossed in a bit of olive oil and herbs, and sprinkled with some low fat Feta. Stick with it and focus your energy on finding some great combinations of food to use your calories most efficiently. Good luck!
Motivation Just Keep Swimming... May 14 2012
14:24 (UTC)
What a great attitude! Changing long standing habits is so hard. I was also a pop lover for the first 49 years of my life. Then I was diagnosed with breast cancer and during chemo, I was told to drink 10(!) glasses of water each day - pop didn't count. That was almost 2 years ago and what at first was absolute torture ( I HATED drinking water) eventually became a natural part of my life. I am now healthy, feeling great, and still drinking water every day.
Recipes low calorie meals/snacks May 11 2012
11:57 (UTC)
If you like something a bit heartier but still low in calories, try my version of an egg mcmuffin. On a whole wheat English muffin, slit in half, I broil a thin slice of low-fat cheese and top with one egg white ("fried" in a small nonstick pan sprayed with Pam), 2 slices of tomato and a couple of green pepper strips. It is delicious !