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Fitness Running my first Marathon on Sunday! May 04 2012
16:36 (UTC)

Best of luck!  Last minute advice:  Start slow + finish strong.  You've done the training; you've earned the event.  Have fun!

Fitness CC Cycling Club - 2012 May 04 2012
16:31 (UTC)

Enjoy your event trh!  I'll be riding my first bike "race" ever this weekend.  (More of a ride for me, but some people will race)  A low-key, local event, the Sandwich 50.  Wish me luck!

Fitness Guy wonders: how do you protect your nippage? Mar 23 2012
14:20 (UTC)

I've had this issue on long runs before.  There is a product called "Body Glide" that works well and can also prevent chafing in any other areas you may find problematic.

I tried Vaseline one time and ruined my shirt because it had two circle stains and looked ridiculous!  If you try the Vaseline I'd suggest testing it on a shirt you don't care about very much.

One other thought - if you are wearing cotton that gets really heavy and will eventually cause chafing almost anywhere on your body.  Try a tech shirt if you aren't already.

Fitness Gatorade alternative Mar 15 2012
16:05 (UTC)

lol, prosecco?!  I guess he's going to do his own thing. 

Fitness Gatorade alternative Mar 15 2012
16:02 (UTC)

I like to drink Heed.  Its a gatorade-like drink made by Hammer Nutrition.  I like it because its less sweet tasting that gatorade.  You can generally find it at running and cycling stores.

I used to bike with a guy who would mix up about 50% water/50% orange juice and add a little bit of salt to it.

Fitness discouraged unmotivated need inspiration Mar 09 2012
15:18 (UTC)

 As an added bonus, here's an inspirational video. p;feature=related

Fitness discouraged unmotivated need inspiration Mar 09 2012
15:09 (UTC)

Things that motivate me to run which might work for you too:

- Find a place you enjoy running.  I like to go to nearby parks and run through the woods.  Sometimes I like to explore the town on the multipurpose trails.  Find new locations to run in.

- Try running further.  As a runner I hereby give you permission to take walk breaks during your runs.  :-)  If you run for 4 minutes and then walk for a minute you'll be able to go further and see more things.  Test your endurance limits.

- Try running faster.  During a run pick a point that's around 100-200 yards/meters ahead of you and pick up your pace until you get to it.  Return to your normal speed.  Once you feel recovered do it again.  Try to do this several times during some of your runs.

- Sign up for an event.  I find it motivating to make a commitment to complete an event.  If you do it as a fundraiser, you'll find even more commitment to do well at the event, plus you'll raise money for a good cause as well.

Calorie Count The New & Improved Calorie Count Dashboard Mar 08 2012
22:02 (UTC)

I actually like the new Dashboard format.  I've never used the old Dashboard because I couldn't make sense of it.  I understand the new Dashboard gives me an estimate of how many more calories I should eat for the rest of the day and on the average day I should end at 0.

I dislike the related changes to the analysis tab.  This is the view I use the most.  I liked that as long as the line was green I was making progress toward weight loss, and as long as it ended at no more than -1000 I was eating enough each day.  Now I think the analysis is showing me a variance from my goal, which I can't really use.

Fitness running vs cycling Mar 08 2012
16:20 (UTC)

Running and cycling are both great activities.  I've been a long time "serious" runner, and occasional cyclist.  Recently I've decided to cycle more seriously and run only on occasion.  I've found that I prefer cycling for a couple of reasons:

- I find that with cycling I can work out at a higher intensity/duration without injuring myself.

- I've found that I tend to lose more weight cycling rather than running.  This happened accidentally when I was a younger man - I started cycling to work and over the course of a month I lost 10 pounds.  I wasn't trying to lose weight at the time - I actually visited the doctor to make sure I was healthy!  Its working well for me now that I'm cycling again and controlling my diet.

- I have encountered far more people who have had significant and long lasting weight loss after taking up cycling compared to running.

Let me say again that I think running is a great activity too.  If you enjoy both, why not keep both activities in the fitness rotation?

Fitness CC Cycling Club - 2012 Mar 08 2012
15:06 (UTC)

hoping4success - congratulations!  Enjoy the ride.

Fitness CC Cycling Club - 2012 Mar 07 2012
18:54 (UTC)

lol, thanks.  If only it were that easy to fix things in my refrigerator!

Fitness CC Cycling Club - 2012 Mar 07 2012
18:34 (UTC)

We are having very springlike weather; I had forgotten the time change is imminent.  Can't wait for even better cycling conditons!

* sniff sniff*  This thread is dated 2011, you think its still good?

Fitness Love and dislike! Feb 21 2012
20:44 (UTC)

I love that my body has a running speed that will let me run all day long.

I love that my body will let me run up rugged trails I had previously declared "unrunnable"

I love that my legs will power me on my bike through several counties.

I love that my legs will power me on my bike through the intersection faster than the cars.

I love that my body will let me chase my son and the neighborhood kids, and feel like a kid myself.

Dislike:  In order to run further I'd probably have to start dealing with sleep deprivation.  Stupid need for sleep!

Fitness Exercise all at once, or split up? Feb 21 2012
15:23 (UTC)

Offhand I'd suggest a few things

I think working out for 2 15 min increments will be just as effective as 1 30 min workout for burning calories.

Starting slow is usually a good idea with exercise routines.  If you are doing 30 min now then a gradual increase seems reasonable.

Trying out some exercise DVDs is probably a good idea for you.  It seems to me that you should be experimenting with modes of exercise that work for your lifestyle.  You need to find something that's enjoyable.  Forcing yourself to workout will work for a time and will help you get fit, but I suggest one of your top goals would be to find something that you actually look forward to doing.

I workout in a variety of modes, and I actually find that stationary biking makes me covered in sweat more than anything else that I do.  If you don't like sweating you should definitely try something else!  What about an early morning ride outside to start the day?  Maybe even before your morning shower so you can wash the sweat off without an extra shower?  Or weights at the gym?  Rollerblading?  Hiking?

Fitness 5k in 38 minutes- Acceptable? Feb 10 2012
22:46 (UTC)

It sounds like your off to a fantastic start with running!

38 min is a perfectly reasonable 5k time.  Any runner who would put you down for that time is a jackass and should be noted as such and ignored.  (am I allowed to say jackass on the forum?)

50-60 degrees is pretty optimal running weather.  I'd expect that to work well for you.

Music can be very motivational - my advice:  you probably don't want to turn in on too early in the run.  A common beginner mistake to make is to start too fast, and listening to music will make you run faster.  Save the music until you get to around 1.5 or 2 miles and it starts to get hard.

Enjoy your run!

Fitness What exercise will lose you the maximum calories per hour Feb 10 2012
19:05 (UTC)

melkor.  Complete agreement here.

Maybe (for efficiency) the fitness FAQ should be something just slightly more than:

"Find something you want to do that sounds fun to you, and we'll help you reach that goal.

[link to more detail]"

Maybe people would read a 2 sentence FAQ!  (oh BTW, did I mention I'm kind of an optimist too)




Fitness Aerobic exercise and weight loss Feb 10 2012
18:56 (UTC)

very kind perspective shane. 

I have thought during runs (there's plenty of time for that) "If this were my job, it would be terrible!  You couldn't pay me to do this!  But here I am, doing it for fun... and it IS fun!"

Clearly the definition of "fun" is very personal.  :-)

Fitness Aerobic exercise and weight loss Feb 10 2012
18:30 (UTC)

oldguysrule - hey I run trail ultras too.  I haven't even tried to estimate how many calories I burn during an event.  I have run a few 50 milers, superior trail 50 being the hardest I've done.

Are you one of those 100 mile crazies?

shane_paladin - haha try to make her go with you.  Then you'll know!

Fitness Aerobic exercise and weight loss Feb 10 2012
17:41 (UTC)

oldguysrule:  Clearly you lack ability in eating. Laughing   ... or maybe your appetite is just better behaved than mine.

Fitness What exercise will lose you the maximum calories per hour Feb 10 2012
17:37 (UTC)
Original Post by melkor:


You can go out and run until you've burned a thousand calories, but if your run ends at a Dunkin' Donut you'll soon discover that you can't outrun a donut. ..

Not to be too argumentative here, but I think this is wrong.  If you burn 1000 calories you've outrun 2, maybe even 3 or 4 donuts.  The fallacy is this part "You can go out and run until you've burned a thousand calories".  Unless you've trained up to it you probably can't run until you've burned 1000 calories.  You'll get hurt first.  And even if you are an experienced runner you probably can't do that every day.