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Foods what foods give you the most fiber? Feb 21 2012
13:26 (UTC)
The skins on fruits such as apples and pears x
Calorie Count Net Calories - ???? Help! Feb 20 2012
22:32 (UTC)
If your net calories are minus and in green, that's good as it means you have burnt more calories than consumed. If the net calories is red, it means you have consumed more calories than you have burnt. Hope this helps! X
Weight Loss Is Drinking Sqash The Same Benefit As Drinking Water? Feb 16 2012
12:12 (UTC)
Lol yeah squash is like orange or black current cordial, I'm not sure what you would call it in America. You just add a inch or so to a pint of water, tastes so much better! I was thinking more hydration than weight loss, but I've been told before if it's not pure water than it doesn't really count. Which seems silly I think x
Motivation I hate water! Feb 15 2012
12:37 (UTC)
Is adding a dash of sugar free orange or blackcurrent squash give the same benefit as drinking water? I always drink squash rarely water on its own x
Weight Loss I 'm so upset Feb 14 2012
14:31 (UTC)
Also muscle weighs more than fat so if your exercising regularly your bound to build up your muscle. I don't weigh myself, doing the measurements and how you feel in yourself is probably the best way x