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Fitness Hiking Feb 24 2012
05:11 (UTC)
And if not what would be a good exercise to lose the obliques??
Fitness Weighted Vest....good or bad for thunder thighs? Feb 23 2012
04:16 (UTC)
I hike every other day up a mountain with a 30 lb vest for about a hour I used to hike with more weight (my max was 60) but I barley started trying to get back in shape Well i used to hike for about 3 years and I was in the best shape of my life but I got lazy so here I am again The only thing now is 30 lbs extra in my beer belly lol But my legs never lost their strength that's the strongest part of my body and it still is So my opinion yes the vest is good But you will grow the shoulder muscles too
Motivation Work out music! Feb 20 2012
07:26 (UTC)
NOFX- The decline Which is also my favorite song A 18 minute pretty fast punk song I could hear it on repeat all day lol

This has nothing to do with this but I can play the whole song on bass and I know all the words lol