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Health & Support is this normal for recovery? May 03 2012
07:17 (UTC)
hello, I'm not much help but I'd just like to say I'm going through the exact same thing! i abused laxatives for about a year and half and decided to stop a couple of months ago when I started recovery. since then I'm ALWAYS bloated and my stomach is rock hard and feels tight. and like you, i'v noticed my breasts are looking bigger. i just thought that's because their growing back..

i want to know if this is normal too? also is it normal (especially after a meal) that your stomach bloats out like a pregnant woman!?

Weight Gain why am i gaining so quickly!? Apr 04 2012
16:11 (UTC)
sorry i did mean kg, don't know why i put lbs! haha silly me :) thanks for the reply. my body is really swollen right now due to water retention but thankfully the doctor said it will go down soon. x
Weight Gain why am i gaining so quickly!? Apr 02 2012
17:15 (UTC)
oops yes that was a typo! I meant kg! sorry :) thanks for the reply and for all the information. i spoke to my doctor today and he said most of what i'v gained is water retention and should go down in a few weeks which has put my mind at rest a bit :) thanks again for the reply xxxx
Health & Support hospital worries Mar 08 2012
17:59 (UTC)
hello everyone, just wanted to let you know I'm going inpatient next week. I'm really nervous but i know it's for the best. x
Foods Sticky --SURVEY--Tuck the tablecloth into your shirt and dig in to... Mar 02 2012
18:46 (UTC)

Best board game snack? sweets or crisps

roasted or boiled hot dogs? roasted

corn on or off the cob? on

Meatloaf or roast beef? roast beef

oatmeal with water or milk? with milk

best sandwich when you're super hungry? coronation chicken with salad

Snack that is easy to overeat? jelly beans

rather eat three healthier cookies or one unhealthy cookie? 3 healthy

favorite topping for veggies? ketchup

favorite fruit to cook with? tomatoes

best raw veggie? carrots

best dip for raw veggies? tzatziki or ketchup

who would you invite for a dinner party if you could invite anyone? don't know..

favorite appetizer to eat off a toothpick? cocktail sausages

soup with crackers or bread? bread

croutons or nuts in your salad? croutons

cake with ice cream or whipped cream? ice cream

top a baked potato with... baked beans and cheese

top a bowl of healthy whole grain cereal with... skim milk

fries with ketchup or cheese? ketchup

favorite lazy Sunday morning breakfast? bacon sandwich

best romantic dinner? spagetti dish

craziest sandwich you've made or eaten? chicken, salad and crisps

weirdest ice cream topping? its not that weird but smarties and strawberry sauce?

if elves existed what would you feed them? cookies

how do you like your marshmallows when you cook them over a campfire: flaming, lightly brown, burnt or slightly warmed? warmed

salted peanuts or candied peanuts? don't like peanuts

if you could travel anywhere for dinner, where would it be? thailand

best way to use syrup besides putting it on pancakes or waffles? in porridge

if you could eat sweets all day what would you have for breakfast, lunch and dinner? breakfast - cookies lunch - cake dinner- pie

eating in the car: hot or not? not

pickles with a sandwich: hot or not? not

strawberry pie: hot or not? not

hot sauce: hot or not? not

spinach: hot or not? hot

sushi: hot or not? never had it, but want to try it.

shrimp: hot or not? hot

favorite thing to eat with....

a fork: cottage pie

a spoon: ice cream

a stick: candy floss

your fingers: sandwiches

cinnamon bun or donut? donut

coated with icing or covered in a glaze? icing

favorite flavor Popsicle? orange

best hard candy? rock or lollies

what foods do you play with before you eat them? don't know

do you like keeping your foods separated or mixing things up? it depends.

picky eater or adventurous eater? adventurous

best dried fruit? none

most energizing snack? don't know..


Health & Support Eating Chinese Tomorrow -- ADVICE PLEASE! Feb 24 2012
15:37 (UTC)
I'm sure the buffet will have some healthy options as well. all buffets usually have vegetable and shrimp dishes anyway :) when i go to buffets i have vegetables in some kind of sauce. even with sauce its still a healthy dish, and won't do you any harm :) when you go have a look at the buffet and if there's nothing you fancy, then like you said you can just you order off the menu :)
Health & Support Eating Chinese Tomorrow -- ADVICE PLEASE! Feb 24 2012
14:37 (UTC)
if you want a starter steamed shrimp dumplings are healthy and are only 45 calories each and are really low in fat. so are steamed vegetable dumplings - (these are 25 calories each) for a main course i usually order plain steamed sea bass or shrimp without sauce and steamed vegetables without sauce. hope this helps :) 0090922123545AAYTPAL inese.aspx
Health & Support How did you challenge your ED today? Feb 22 2012
15:53 (UTC)

today i was feeling really weak. my dad bought a cherry pie at the weekend and there was half left in the fridge. i started off just eating the filling, but then i gave in and ended up eating the WHOLE THING. i'm so full now, but i'm not feeling guilty. just hope it stays that way!



Foods SUPER TWO for YOU: Double Fun Survey!!! Pick your TWO Feb 19 2012
18:12 (UTC)

You are on a remote island, with limited food- you can have two from each'

Meat/ Poultry-  chicken and beef

Fruit- jazz apples, butternut squash

Vegetable, non root-  mushrooms, sweetcorn

Root type vegetable- swede, parsnip

Grain/ Legume- rice, cereal

Fish/ seafood- prawns, smoked haddock

You have a week of healthy but limited food- for each day of week;

Monday - smoked haddock, butternut squash

Tuesday - chrunchy nut clusters, skimmed milk

Wed - sweet potato, hake fillet

Thurs- coconut yoghurt, jazz apples

Fri- baked beans, jacket potato

Sat- chicken and sweetcorn soup, bread

Sun- tinned tuna, sweet potato

Now for each day pick two items, ALL calories, fat, allergies aside and with no weight or health problems:"sinfully indulgent"

Mon- cookie dough ice cream, jam doughnuts

Tues- chocolate chip cookies, thick vanilla milkshake

Wed- curly fries, cheese

THurs- treacle tart, custard

Fri- sweet and sour chicken, egg fried rice

Sat- bbq corn and chicken pizza, fries

Sun- spaghetti bolognese, garlic bread

If you went to any two countries or places in the world to experience food where would they be? thailand, italy

Two things you used to love- as kid or younger, and dont touch now? can't think of anything!

Two things you didnt like before, or as a kid and do? indian food, vegetables

You are back on the island and can have only two foods for life- just two! pizza, butternut squash

Favorite holidays for eating- christmas!

favorite foods on those holidays- massive christmas dinner!

two things you have been craving most recently but (probably)will not eat treacle tart with custard, banoffee pie

Two cravings you will have - sweet and sour chicken with noodle stir fry, and korma curry with rice!

Recipies or foods from family tradition you miss, even if it isn't something you would have now everything my parents used to cook.

Wierdest combinations of two items together you like or have had pasta with ketchup

two things, hands down, are your favorite all time foods; butternut squash, smoked haddock

Health & Support hospital worries Feb 10 2012
23:05 (UTC)
thanks again for all the replays you've all been really helpful. I will let you know what happens.

dreamsofhere- thanks for the reasurance. yes i think i might go sometime next week to have a look :)
Health & Support hospital worries Feb 08 2012
13:23 (UTC)

thank you all for replying. i feel less worried now knowing that other people have gone through it and have got a positive outcome.

gingerkisses- i'm sorry you had a horrible experience. that doesn't sound nice at all. theres an IP unit near me called oak trees which looks quiet nice. yes i would like to recover at home, however i'm finding it very hard on my own. my dietitian tells me to introduce new foods and to eat more, and i agree to it when i'm there, but once i get home i don't have the courage to actually do it. i just carry on as normal eating the same food. so i think that maybe 24 hour care might be best for me.

abbi333- i'm not sure what type i would be in. oak trees is an IP unit that does hospital based treatment. i haven't been given much information on it yet. no, i'm in england. thank you for telling me that, its nice to know you made friends and got a good starting point in your recovery. i feel less nervous about the thought of going into hospital now. thank you all once again. x




Health & Support hospital worries Feb 08 2012
07:52 (UTC)
thank you frank, that's really good to know. i imagined it to be a horrible place but it actually sounds really good. sorry to ask another question, but they don't feed tube you there do they? because I'd hate that. i'd rather eat the food myself than have it put straight in me like that.
Foods Loooooooong CHOCOLATE Survey! Feb 07 2012
21:56 (UTC)

1. Milk, dark or white chocolate? milk

2. How many bars do you have a week? maybe one.

3. Do you prefer chocolate with nuts or none? none

4. Chocolate with fudge or caramel? fudge

5. Would you prefer a posh box of chocolates or cheap Easter egg chocolate? posh box of chocolates

6. Does it matter when choosing chocolate the cocoa percentage? no

7. Favourite chocolate bar now? milky way

8. Favourite chocolate bar as a kid? crunchie

9. What type of chocolate do you have most often? cadburys dairy milk bar

10. What chocolate have you never had since you were a kid? wagon wheel

11. How do you eat your Creme Eggs? bite it in half and eat the instead first.

12. Darkest chocolate you've ever had (like 80& cocoa solids)? hate dark chocolate

13. What is the tastiest chocolate bar you can buy? cadburys

14. Which is the most disgusting? snickers (i hate nuts!)

15. Your favourite chocolate combo (eg. chocolate and orange, or chocolate with praline?) chocolate and mint (areo)

16. Have any weird favourite chocolate combos? (eg. chocolate/chilli or chocolate with cheese) nope

17. Do you dip your fries in your chocolate sundae? no

18. Chocolate cake or normal, vanilla cake? vanilla cake

19. Chocolate or vanilla ice cream? vanilla

20. What time of the year do you eat the most chocolate? christmas

21. Is chocolate your enemy or your best friend? (diet wise)enemy

22. Do you eat dark chocolate regularly for health reasons? no

23. Favourite chocolate flavoured food (eg. icecream, milk) biscuits

24. Ever had any foreign chocolate? no

25. Cadburys of Hersheys? cadburys all the way!

26. Do you like getting chocolates as a gift or do you think it's a thoughtless present? i like it :)

27. Favourite chocolate type food to bake? chocoklate brownies

28. Favourite chocolate bar with nuts? hate nuts

29. Favourite chocolate flavoured breakfast cereal? coco pops

30. Favourite chocolate biscuit/cookie? chocolate digestive biscuits

31. Favourite chocolate type cake (eg. Hostess cakes) warm chocolate sponge with chocolate custard

32. Favourite chocolate and PB type food? don't like pb

33. Have you ever had a chocolate spread like Nutella? yes

34. Do you add chocolate to your waffles or pancakes? no

35. Do you have any chocolate hidden somewhere in your home? not that i know of..

36. Did you ever steal a bar of candy as a kid from the store? no

37. Which chocolate bar or candy reminds you of your childhood? crunchies

38. Can you imagine never eating chocolate again, and how does that make you feel? depressed

39. What is your favourite way to enjoy chocolate: cake, cookies, bars, truffle, fancy chocolate, cocoa, ice cream? bars and cookies

40. Do you ever buy chocolate over the internet, like British chocolate bars? no

41. Ever had a Cadbury Crunchie? yes!

42. Ever had a 3 Musketeers bar? no

43. Favourite thing to do with chocolate sauce? put it on ice cream

44. Favourite brand of chocolate (eg. Vosges, Cadburys, Ghiradelli?) cadburys

45. Where you live do you get chocolate eggs at Easter? yes

46. Do you eat too much chocolate? no

47. Favourite fruit to dip in chocolate? strawberries

48. How do you have your hot chocolate? with milk, whipped cream, marshmellows and coco powder on top

49. Ever tried chocolate and bacon? no

50. Have you tried chocolate covered potato chips? no

51. Ladies, do you eat more chocolate when you're near your period? yes

52. Would you rather eat a small amount of good quality chocolate, or a large amount of rather untasty diet chocolate? small amount of good

53. When you have a dessert at a restaurant, do you pick the chocolate type option or not? not

54. One type of chocolate bar to take on a desert island with you? cadburys flake

55. Which type of chocolate would you like to try which you never have?  cadburys twisted

56. Whats a popular type of chocolate which you've never had? wispa

57. Ever had a nutella/PB sandwich? If so, did you like it? never had one

58. Most chocolate consumed in one sitting? can't remember

59. Favourite chocolate-type food to have for breakfast? coco pops

60. Lunch? chocolate chip muffin

61. Dinner? chocolate cake

62. Snack? biscuit or cookie

63. If you have a bag of chocolate eg. Reeses Pieces, do you share or keep to yourself? share

64. Favourite colour m&m? like them all

65. What chocolate type food do you take to the movies? smarties

66. To a picnic? biscuits

67. In a packed lunch? chocolate bar

68. Any weird chocolate bar ways of eating? (like eating all the chocolate and then the kit kat wafer?) a crunchie- eating the chocolate and then the honeycomb

69. Suck your chocolate or just bite and swallow? bite and swallow

70. Longest you've ever gone without chocolate? 3 months

71. How to you satisfy a chocolate craving? eat chocolate

72. A hot chocolate or cup of coffee on a cold day? hot chocolate defo!

73. Chocolate ice cream or fruit popsicle on a hot day? ice cream

74. Favourite chocolate to have over Christmas? cadburys heros

75. On your birthday? chocolate bars

76. What's the most you'd ever spend on a box or block of fancy chocolate? £15

77. Over..ahem, used chocolate in the bedroom? no

78. When did you last have some chocolate? about 3 weeks ago

79. Do you want some chocolate now after this survey? yes!

80. Do you prefer your chocolate bars a bit melted, or very hard? hard

81. Chocolate, strawberry, banana or plain milk (if they were all the same calorie/nutritional content?) chocolate

82. Which chocolate do you always leave in the box? ones with nuts

83. Chocolate muffin or blueberry/bran/whatever other type? chocolate

84. Has a partner or crush ever given you a Hersheys Kiss? no

85. When you start eating chocolate do you find it hard to stop? yes

86. When you go to buy something sweet flavoured, would you tend to opt for a chocolate type product or a candy product (like Skittles)? candy

Foods Random Food Survey!! Feb 07 2012
21:31 (UTC)

What is your favorite protein? chicken and fish

What is your favorite starch? bread

What is your favorite vegetable? butternut squash and sweetcorn

What is your favorite fruit? apples and melon

What is your favorite condiment? ketchup and bbq sauce

How often do you eat out? quiet often

What is your favorite chain restaurant (Red Lobster, Olive Garden)? nandos

What is your favorite non-chain restaurant? the red rox (indian)

What did you eat for breakfast? cereal

What is your favorite type of cookie? smartie

What is your favorite type of cake? cheesecake

What is your favorite beverage? smoothies or iced tea

Do you drink alcohol? yes sometimes

What is your favorite thing to cook? cakes

How often do you cook? quiet a lot

What is your favorite type/flavor of yogurt? greek yogurt with honey

What is your least favorite food? pork

What is your favorite Ice Cream/Frozen Yogurt/Sorbet flavor? ice cream flavor - mint chocolate chip and honeycomb

Foods Sweet survey Feb 07 2012
21:16 (UTC)

favorite cookie add-on (like raisins or ice cream on top) : ice cream

best cake topping: whipped cream or icing

best fruit topping for a cheese cake: strawberry

best salty treat to pair with caramel: pretzels

best peanut butter dessert: don't like pb

favorite "healthy" sweet treat: cereal bar

best time to have a chocolate bar (time of day, season or occassion): afternoon

best sweet treat to make for a christmas party: cookies

favorite sweet kid-cereal: golden nuggets

favorite donut: jam

best dessert to have for breakfast: pancakes

yummiest ice cream toppings: crushed smarties with strawberry sauce

would you rather have a pb and j sandwich or sandwich cookies (like oreos): sandwich cookies

it's halloween! What would you love to find in your goodie bag? smarties!

creative way to make a smore: never had a smore.

best snack to dunk in milk: any type of biscuit or cookie!

best chewy sweet treat: skittles!

The ice cream is coming! What do you get?: vanilla

favorite way to eat a twinkie: never had one

best jelly bean flavor: candy floss and bubble gum

Foods Food survey Feb 06 2012
22:44 (UTC)


Favourite cold cereal? special k

Favourite hot cereal? porridge with jam

Do you like a cooked breakfast? Eg hash browns, toast, eggs, sausage (or vegetarian alternatives), beans etc. yes!!

Favourite breakfast item? cereal

Favourite oatmeal topping/combo? jam!

Best thing to put on toast? butter

On your pancakes?

On your cereal? lemon juice with sugar

Favourite type of milk, eg choc milk, soya, full fat etc. skim

Fruit juice or a hot drink? hot drink

Favourite breakfast when eating out? full english breakfast

Dream breakfast (calories or any feeling of discomfort dont exist - indulge!)

full english breakfast



Wholemeal or white bread? white

Hot or cold lunch? cold

Best sandwhich filling? tuna and sweetcorn

Favourite toasted sandwhich? ham and cheese

Best thing to have at the side of a sandwhich? e.g soup, crisps, salad. crisps

Homemade lunch or eating out? homemade

Favourite place to eat out/ what would you order? chinese - sweet and sour chicken egg fried rice

Favourite soup? chicken and sweetcorn

Best condiment? ketcup or bbq sauce

Dream lunch (as with breakfast- indulge ;)) ham and cheese toastie with chips and bbq sauce



Pasta or rice? pasta

Mash or roast potatos? mash!

Curly fries or french fries? french fries

Fish, white meat, red meat or vege alternatives? white meat

All time favourite dinner? cottage pie with sweetcorn and gravy

When eating out at your favourite resteraunt, you would order......?

Starter: spring rolls

Main: sweet and sour chicken

Side: egg fried rice

Dessert: cheesecake

Drink: water

Take away or homemade? homemade

Best ready meal? pasta

Favourite dinner item, eg pasta, chicken, brocolli.. pasta



Favourite cake? cheese cake

Pie? bonofee

Wipped cream, ice cream or custard at the side? custard

Rice pudding or tapioca? rice pudding

Cheese board, fruit platter, or something sweet? sweet

Favourite ice cream? vanilla

Any toppings with that? smarties with caramel sauce

Go for it - invented a new dessert!

Hot, sticky and gunky or cold, light and fluffy? hot

Flavour of sorbet? mango

Best dessert you have ever made? cheesecake

Best store bought dessert? apple pie

Favourite dessert (again indulge!) cheesecake



Making your own trail mix, what do you add? nothing,

Cereal or nut bar? cereal

Flap jack or chocolate bar? flapjack!

Nuts or dried fruit? fruit

Favourite fresh fruit? apples

Favourite chocolate bar? milky way

Best hot snack?

Cookie or muffin? cookie

Favourite dip for snacking on veggies or similar?

Popcorn or crisps? popcorn

Best doughnut filling? jam

Favourite snack? biscuits!

Foods survey peeps! Feb 06 2012
22:35 (UTC)

chocolate or vanilla- vanilla

frosting or glaze- frosting

fruit smoothie or milkshake- fruit smoothie

organic or locally grown- locally grown

flavored or plain water- plain

caramel or candy apple- caramel

dark or milk chocolate- milk

tea or coffee- tea

toasted or non-toasted bagel- toasted

fruit or veg- veg

savory or sweet- sweet

cheese fondue or chocolate- chocolate

rice or pasta- pasta

tomato sauce or white sauce- tomato

white or sweet potato- sweet

grape tomatoes or big ones- love them both

hot or cold cereal- cold

Foods foood survey! Feb 06 2012
22:33 (UTC)


1) flavour-wise, do you prefer white breads or whole wheat?: white

2) what's your favorite type of grain to eat (oatmeal, bread, wraps, etc)?: bread

3) what's your favorite sandwich filling?: tuna and sweetcorn

4) what's your favorite kind of bread (rye, pumpernickel, etc)?: banana

5) around how many servings of grain do you consume daily?: god knows.

6) what's your favorite cracker-topping?: cheese!

7) what's your favorite thing to do with rice?: put sweet and sour sauce on top!

8) what brand of bread do you usually buy?: don't know my mums buys it..

9) what's your favorite type of cereal?: special k

10) what was your favorite type of breakfast cereal as a child?: golden nuggets


1) do you prefer chocolate or white milk?: white

2) what's your favorite brand of yogurt?: toffee yogurt!

3) do you think you get enough calcium?: yes

4) where do you get the most calcium from (yogurt, cheese, milk, etc)?: yogurt and milk

5) what's your favorite type of cheese?: cheddar

6) what's your favorite way to eat cheese?: i like cheese on mostly anything! and on its own!

7) what's your favorite flavour of icecream?: honeycomb

8) when you eat oatmeal, do you make it with milk, or water?: milk!

9) what kind of milk do you drink?: skim

10) what's your favorite thing to do with cottage cheese?: put it on a cracker.


1) are you vegetarian or vegan?: nope

2) if you aren't vegetarian or vegan, could you ever be?: nooo!

3) what's your favorite type of meat?: chicken and beef.

4) what's your favorite type of fish or seafood?: prawns

5) hamburgers or hotdogs?: hotdogs

6) if you have a barbeque, is it propane-powered, or charcoal?: charcoal

7) what's your least favorite type of meat?:pork

8) is there a type of meat you haven't tried yet, but want to try?: no that i can think of

9) what's the most exotic meat you've ever eaten?: not very exotic but duck

10) when you eat meat, is the portion bigger than a deck of cards?: no


1) favorite fruit?: apples and bananas

2) least favorite type of fruit?: grapes

3) do you drink fruit juice often?: not really

4) do you consider tomatoes a fruit, or a vegetable?:vegetable

5) do you think you eat enough fruit daily?: yes

6) do you consider fruit more important than vegetables?: no both the same

7) what's your favorite citrus fruit?: oranges

8) do you like pastries with fruit in them, or jelly?: fruit

9) what's your favorite flavour of jam?: strawberry

10) when do you usually eat the most fruit (breakfast, snack, etc)?: snack


1) when you were a kid, did you like vegetables?: no

2) do you think you eat enough vegetables now?: yes

3) what's your favorite raw vegetable?: carrots

4) what's your favorite cooked vegetable?: butternut squash, mushrooms and sweetcorn

5) what's your least favorite raw vegetable?: cabbage

6) what's your least favorite cooked vegetable?: i like all veg :)

7) what's your favorite kind of salad?: iceburg

8) do you buy spaghetti sauce, or do you make your own?: buy it

9) when/if you order a sub at subway or mr. sub, what vegetables do you get on it?: no veg just salad

10) do you like vegetables more than fruit?: i like them both the same



1) what do you put in your coffee?: dont have coffee

2) what do you put in your tea?: milk and sweetners

3) do you like the taste of water?: yes

4) do you drink enough water everyday?: yes

5) what's your favorite flavour of diet soda?: none.

6) do you think you drink too much diet soda?: no

7) do you prefer to eat or drink your calories?: eat

8) do you drink energy drinks?: no

9) what's your favorite smoothie recipe?: yogurt with berries

10) do you flavour your water (lemon, crystal lite, etc)?: nope


1) how often do you eat something unhealthy?: once a week

2) do you prefer a sweet or a salty treat?: sweet

3) what's your favorite salty treat?: crisps

4) what's your favorite sweet treat?: biscuits!

5) what's your favorite brand of chocolate bar?: cadburys!

6) when was the last time you went out to a restaurant?: sunday

7) what did you order?: sweet and sour chicken with egg fried rice

8) do you tend to binge on unhealthy foods around your house?: nope

9) chips or popcorn?: popcorn

10) what's your favorite flavour/brand of chips?: monster munch

Foods hello survey! Feb 06 2012
22:17 (UTC)


thing to do with pasta: tuna pasta bake!

pizza toppings: tuna and sweetcorn.

drink (non-alc): hot chocolate with whipped cream and marsmellows

side with steak: french fries, fried onions, mushrooms and grilled tomatoes.

ice cream flavour: honeycomb and mint chocolate chip!

method of exercising (biking, running, etc): swimming and walking

condiment: bbq sauce or ketchup

fast food restaurant: mcdonald's

guilty pleasure: chicken and mushroom pie, chips, mushy peas, and gravy

way to have your coffee (milk, sugar, etc): don't like coffee

way to eat apples: on their own or with yogurt

pastry: sausage roll

time of day to eat: dinner time, 5:30-6ish

breakfast: cereal

kind of donut: jam donut!

alcoholic drink: any type of cocktail!

brand/flavour of cookie: m&m cookies


have you ever eaten a whole pint of icecream in a sitting?:  nope

what was the last restaurant you ate at?: little yang sing chinese restaurant

what did you have?: spring rolls, prawn toast and seaweed to start and then sweet and sour chicken and egg fried rice.

what did you last eat?: tuna mayo salad.

what are you craving right now?: a chinese!

what will you have for your next meal?: cereal for breakfast

do you use butter, margerine, or neither?: butter

do you dirnk skim milk, 1%, 2% or something different?: skim.

how often do you eat sweets?: once a week.

about how much coffee do you drink a day?: none.

about how often do you drink alcohol?: once a month.

when you do drink alcohol, how many drinks do you usually have?: depends on where i am and who i'm with but maybe 4 or 6

what is your favorite treat to bake?: cheesecake!

what is your favorite meal to cook?: cottage pie with sweetcorn and gravy

name one food you hate that everyone else seems to love: chocolate cake.

name one food you love that everyone else seems to hate: tomatoes

what is the weirdest food combination you have ever made?: ketchup and rice

you do you eat healthy or more unhealthy?: both but mostly healthy.

is your goal weight gain, loss or maintenance?: maintain.


Foods This or that Food Survey! ^^ Feb 06 2012
21:52 (UTC)

Real milk, nut milk, or soymilk? real milk

Swiss or cheddar? cheddar

Frozen yogurt or ice cream? frozen yogurt

Milk or dark chocolate? milk!

Mustard or ketchup? ketchup

Banana or apple? banana

Pepper strips or celery? pepper strips

Hummus or ranch dressing? ranch

Cake or pie? pie

Blueberry or chocolate muffins? chocolate

Spicy, mild, or medium? medium

White or whole wheat bread? white!

Hot or cold cereal? cold

Almonds or peanuts? none

Chocolate chip or chocolate kiss cookies? chocolate chip

Sweet, sour, or salty? sweet

Shrimp or crab? shrimp

Brown or white rice? white

French fries or onion rings? french fries

Peppermint or cinnamon? cinnomon

Flavored or plain water? plain

Pear or Orange? pear

Glaze or icing? icing

Tofu or chicken? chicken

Fruit or vegetable salad? fruit