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Fitness I get a runny nose every time I exercise! Mar 02 2011
05:35 (UTC)

This happens to me also, but I have noticed it is worse at the beginning of the exercise (I do judo), and when my body is moving around more than normal (certain throwing styles).  I have sinus problems occasionally where I feel dizzy and I can get headaches but my nose isn't runny (about twice a year).  My conclusion is that when I start vigorous exercise it is loosening everything up and emptying my sinuses that must be blocked up.  If you are out in public try exercising before you go and see if your nose stops running earlier than usual.

Fitness Thunder thighs - will they be with me forever? Mar 01 2011
08:57 (UTC)

Thanks for your tips.  It is just one of those small things that annoy me about my body and I always hope my legs will slim down one day.  But 10 kilos is still a heavy load to carry so I hope it is all in my legs.

Hopefully next summer's fashion will suit my build for once. ;)

Motivation Sexy Legs Feb 28 2011
02:58 (UTC)

I just wrote a new topic asking if my thighs will ever shrink.  I am glad I read your topic about sexy legs as I hope I can proudly wear shorts one day too.  Congratulations!

Foods filling savory/salty foods? Oct 30 2010
22:12 (UTC)

Melted cheese on corn cakes.

Motivation After a 7 month hiatus, I've decided it's time to come back to cal. count. Oct 30 2010
21:49 (UTC)

I lost about 1.5 kilos when I began and have now put on about 4 kilos.  I don't think I have been here for about 7 months either and I need something like this site to keep me motivated and focused. 

I am in Australia and it will be summer in a couple of months (and then Christmas) and I want to get back on track.  After I get off the internet I am going to prepare my carrot snacks as I have been munching away on packets of chips and icecream too often.

When I first began with CC I felt so healthy.  I had more energy and my body just felt healthy.  So I guess we just have to find whatever it is that motivates us.  Remember that the exercise you do will help you with stress and eating healthy food will help your body too.  (I just have to practise what I preach).

Good luck.

Weight Loss What is the best time to execise? Oct 30 2010
21:39 (UTC)

I remember reading about people who did everthing right, exercise and diet etc.  But their weight had stopped dropping until they exercised in the morning.  Apparently the morning exercise increased their metabolism for the day and helped them shed those last kilos.  (I think it was Oprah's personal trainer that wrote about this as well).

Foods Quite possibly the stupidest post... Jul 02 2010
08:29 (UTC)

You have probably got to the beach already but I thought I would add my thoughts.  Try Vitamin C.  If you feel bloated with water it can mean your kidneys are not releasing your urine as you don't have enough Vitamin C to satisfy your body.  Once you take the vitamin C you should notice that you will urinate more frequently not long after. 

Courtesy of my college biology teacher.

Motivation Just STARTING N THIS SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!! Jun 30 2010
22:12 (UTC)

When I began with CC I did the full calorie count and exercise and then I blew it.  Several times.  Begin with one.  Either exercise or diet.  It sounds like your boyfriend likes exercise so beginning with that will be easier.  But if he is fit don't let him expect too much from you if you are not fit.  Take small steps.  After a few weeks you might want to change a few things in your diet, like eating more fruit and veges instead of chocolate (or whatever your weakness).

It all sounds so easy in writing!!  You are not a text book.  You are human with emotions.  Give yourself a pat on the back and keep taking those small steps.  You might cave in a few times, but you are human. 

Keep taking those steps as I have learnt this is a life time journey, but you don't have to struggle for life.

Fitness Does exercise make you sick in the morning? Jun 30 2010
21:57 (UTC)

I feel sick for the entire day if I get up too early (it feels like jet lag).  I might try the drinking of more water before my day begins (instead of coffee to wake me up).  I remember Oprah said she struggled changing to a morning exercise program but after a while it became routine.  Perhaps we just have to stick with it and don't push ourselves too hard while our bodies are adjusting to the change.

Fitness Walking in short intervals Jun 29 2010
22:04 (UTC)

Thanks everyone.  I'm sure this info will help a lot of people who don't feel they have enough time to exercise.

The Lounge Work vs Sleep Jun 29 2010
21:56 (UTC)

To answer some of your questions, I am employed part-time but I still work at home as a mum.  Anyway, if I worked the same hours in a row over 6 days I think my body would adjust, but that one day ruins the whole weekend.  I literally feel sick and I can't study and struggle to take the kids out with a smile on my face. 

Thanks Cellulitedelight, I am glad someone understands what I am talking about.  Forgive me everyone else for talking about some personal issues.  If I could I will grant you all a medal as you seem so much more tolerant to sleep patterns than I do.

The Lounge Work vs Sleep Jun 29 2010
07:36 (UTC)

Sleeping on a Friday night is the hard part for me.  I wake up at regular intervals to check the time and do a quick calculation as to how many hours of sleep I have left.   I have two alarm clocks as I don't trust myself with just one. 

My week doesn't seem half as hectic as yours Vyperman, but I guess it's what you are used to and what you can adjust to. 

Fitness The new rules of lifting for women Jun 29 2010
03:33 (UTC)

Do one normal push-up.  What helps is increasing the strength in your stomach muscles.  When I began judo I could barely do one push up.  But I kept trying on a daily basis and one slowly became 3 and now I have got to 22.

Weight Loss Lost that first one! May 29 2010
00:51 (UTC)

It is a huge deal!  Congratulations!  You should be very proud of yourself. :)

Fitness Exercises with most bang for buck May 26 2010
22:08 (UTC)

It is winter and wet where I live so I got my old Tae Bo dvds out of the cupboard and am enjoying them with my daughter (on the days I don't go to the gym).  I am quite fit but l like Tae Bo as I am quite sweaty when I finish.  I have the Cardio workout dvd that goes for about 45 minutes.

Motivation Don't you just hate it? May 26 2010
22:02 (UTC)

Isn't it amazing how tradesmen/women can continue running a business and earn big bucks and turn up to work any time they feel like it!

Motivation Fell off the wagon............... May 23 2010
02:03 (UTC)

I had a bump in the road last night.  I ate a bit of this and that and a lot of everything else.  I had the house to myself and a good movie to watch (pure luxury).  I was very tired as I had worked extra shifts the week before, and then I saw this short documentary on tv.

The documentary said that when trying to lose weight you will eat more if you don't get enough sleep.  This isn't just because you are awake but because something happens to your hormones (I was too tired to get the exact details). 

After I slept-in the next morning I felt great.  I think if you feel sluggish you just couldn't be bothered trying.

I hope this helps.

Weight Loss Egg Whites? May 18 2010
08:46 (UTC)

I am in Australia and have my own chooks.  I didn't know it was possible to buy just egg whites!  When I didn't have chickens I didn't trust the freshness of the eggs in the shops, let alone egg whites that have been triple handled.  But if they don't cause you any stomach upsets...

Calorie Count My Recipes and Tagged Items May 17 2010
04:18 (UTC)

I'm a bit slow with these things, but where do you type in First tag, second tag etc?  I have just been clicking on the little plus sign next to the tag name.

Calorie Count My Recipes and Tagged Items May 15 2010
23:46 (UTC)

I haven't worked out how to add multiple tag items together, but what you can do is make a new tag, say Breakfast, and include your coffee, cereal, fruit, yoghurt (whatever you eat for breakfast), and add up all the calories and put it in as one tag.  This is good if you have meals that are quite similar each day.

You can also go to the previous day and click on food you ate then and add them onto today.  Not much quicker than a tag though.