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Health & Support Anybody with Eczema or Atopic Dermatitis? Jul 14 2007
16:19 (UTC)
My son has bad episodes of eczema too! His started shortly after he was born, and he recently celebrated his 9th b-day. This is a very frustrating thing to deal with.  We've done steroid creams that work, but to me  seem to have scary possible side effects. We had him tested for allergies and found a few so I try to keep his exposure to them a minimum which is hard because it's things you find all around like pollens, and molds that occur naturally outside. The things that seems to have worked the best for us are natural glycerin soap for his skin (no scent,fillers, etc.) Natural laundry soaps, and fabric softners. I use Seventh Generation fabric softner, and Biokleen detergeant. Basically I found simpler is better. He also takes Zyrtec at night when his allergies are really bad, and Singulair every night before bed. (He was diagnosed with asthma last year.) These things seemed to have helped us greatly. Summer is usually when he has it the worst, and so far not one flare up so far this summer! (Starts looking for some wood to knock on.) You've probably done most of these, but this is what's worked for us.
The Lounge Short hair. Jul 08 2007
15:13 (UTC)
I personally like short hair. I've had mine long and Halle Berry short. It was so easy to do and I got lots of compliments on it. I'm actually thinking of cutting it again. This time though I may go for some longer bangs so I have more style options. That's the only problem in my opinion your limited as to how to style it. As for long hair looking good only on skinny people I personally don't think that's true. My hairstylist is not thin, but always has the best short styles that make her look really pretty. Just my 2 cents for what it's worth.
The Lounge Military Ladies Jul 06 2007
13:08 (UTC)
I served in the Marines from 1994-1998. My husband who I met while we both stationed in Okinawa Japan  served from 1990-1999, and currently I have a brother who is serving in the Marines. He has about 3 weeks left of his enlistment and then he's coming home. I also have several uncles and a cousin who served in the Army along with both of my grandpa's who served in the Army. My one granpa is a veteran of the Korean war, and my brother served in Iraq for I believe 7 months.  We are a very military orientated family.
The Lounge Anyone from Michigan? Jun 21 2007
16:05 (UTC)
Thatguy76- I've never been to Camp Villa, but I know where it's at. They have that big yellow (I think that's the color) dinosaur out front.
The Lounge Anyone from Michigan? Jun 21 2007
03:19 (UTC)
Yeah, we got some. Most of the time living so close to the lake a lot of storms just blow right over us. I'm not complaining though cause the grass needed it bad. Just had some more rain come through. It ended quickly though. How about you?
The Lounge Anyone from Michigan? Jun 21 2007
00:49 (UTC)
I'm from a little town north of Ludington called Manistee. We are right next to lake Michigan. Anyone else that far north?
Motivation spiritual agnostics/atheists Jun 20 2007
17:12 (UTC)
Just wanted to post and say I love this thread.  I think it's great, and I share many of the views that have been posted.
Weight Loss anybody work third shift? how can I get through the night Jan 11 2007
15:38 (UTC)
Oh my gosh! I know what you are talking about! I  work part time 3rd shift. I feel like a zombie most of the time, and I have 2 boys ages 8 and 5.  At night to work I bring my own food like a yogurt, salad, and whole grain rice cakes. I only bring water to drink and allow myself a cup of coffee only at the begining of my shift.  I doubt this helped much, but would you mind if I added you as a friend? I would love to hear how you deal with your lack of sleep. I myself could use tips!
The Lounge Fav Movie Quotes... Aug 20 2006
14:58 (UTC)
Napoleon: "Stay at home and eat all the freakin' chips, Kip."

Kip: "Napoleon, don't be jealous that I've been chatting online with babes all day. Besides, we both know I'm training to be a cage fighter." 

From Napoleon Dynamite.
Weight Loss How much sugar? Math, Information, Links and Articles! Jul 20 2006
19:56 (UTC)
ix, thanks for the info. You have alot of great posts that you back up with rescources. Please keep it up! Oh, I read your profile it says you like to do organic gardening so do I. Don't you love the feeling of knowing your eating something and can honestly say you know where it came from and how it was grown?
Weight Loss dandelion root Jul 20 2006
18:51 (UTC)
I have the book The Herbal Drugstore and it does mention dandelion root for increasing urine output. It also mentions many other uses but cautions against use if you have gallstones.
Weight Loss 5 down! Jul 18 2006
20:32 (UTC)
Hey! Great job on the 5lbs lost. Keep up the good work. How's the biking coming?
Weight Loss Splenda - safe or unsafe? Opinions or stories Jul 18 2006
17:49 (UTC)
Have you tried an all natural sweetner like stevia? It is an all natural herbal product that comes from a small green shrub. It is sold in health food stores and you can get it in either a liquid form or powdered. It has no calories, does not raise the sugar levels in your blood stream, and the kind I have has soluble fiber in it. I've been told that the liquid tastes better then the powder, but I won't buy any until I'm done with the packets I have. Maybe someone else could put their 2 cents in about this? The brand I use is sweetLeaf. They do have a website you can check out at Hope this helps. I'm not a dietician or anything this is just my opinion, and it works for me. There are many other brands out there you can check out too!
Weight Loss anyone know any good to eat on/with apples? Jul 18 2006
15:58 (UTC)
I like fat-free organic french vanilla yogart, and mix in some cinnamon. Okay, alot of cinnamon and dip my apple slices.
Weight Loss how much do you weigh Jul 18 2006
15:41 (UTC)
I'm 5'2" and 120lbs. If I could drop another 10lbs I would LOVE it, but if not another 5 would be just fine with me. At my highest weight I was about 150. (After having my second child.) So I decided to do something about it. That is how I found this wonderful site. I'm so glad to be here. Everyone seems to be really supportive in a postive, healthy way.  
The Lounge What's Your Dominant Element? Jul 17 2006
17:27 (UTC)
Mine was Earth....pretty accurate.
Fitness Add variety to exercise options -- get less bored with it Jul 11 2006
16:48 (UTC)
Congratulations on finding something that works for you. I also like to mix things up. (My basement is living proof) I have an exercise bike, elliptical, Reebok step for aerobics, jump rope, a few small free weights, treadmill and a regular peddle bike for biking around outside. Oh, yeah almost forgot the roller blades. I'm not very good at those, but it's fun. It seems like alot but it's the way I stay active. If it wasn't fun I don't think I would be able to stick with it. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who like to mix it up. All the best to you and good luck.=)
Fitness stationary bike? Jul 11 2006
16:22 (UTC)
Hi! Added you to my friends list and (lol) you are my first and only. I've been on here since April, but I'm kind of shy and really just recently started using the forums. I guess now I will try to use my journal. Maybe it will help me get rid of these last 10 pounds I seem to be holding on to. Lately, I've been very bad about holding myself accountable for what I've been eating. I haven't gained but haven't lost either. I read that you don't want exercise to seem like excercise, me neither. I want it to be fun, and I like to mix it up alot. Otherwise I get bored easily. Plus, I figure if this is a lifestyle change then it has to be fun or I'll never stick with it. I'm so in this for the long haul. Everyone on my dad's side of the family is way overweight. At family gatherings they all sit around and talk about their medical procedures they've had done or medications they take. I don't want that to be me. So maybe we can help each other.
Fitness stationary bike? Jul 11 2006
15:43 (UTC)
My first piece of excercise equipment was a magnetic recumbent bike. I lost about 20 pounds just using that. (Of course I also changed my eating habits.) It worked really good for me. When the one I have finally dies, I would love to get a bike that has the moving arm handles on it. Mine doesn't have that, and I really like moving my whole body when I do cardio. So could you please let me know what you think of it after a couple of weeks? Good luck and keep peddling!!
Weight Loss Eating Out for Lunch HELP! Jul 08 2006
16:09 (UTC)
amyb3517, Hi. Could you bring a salad and a piece of fruit and then when you order something like pizza just take a small slice? That way your kind of eating like the guys.  Or look for something low cal off the menu if possible. Worst comes to worst eat your healthy food. Who cares what they think anyway. It's your body and your health. No one is gonna look out for you except you. Just keep thinking of your goal. (Looking good for that trip to Italy.)  So just relax I was in the Marine Corp for 4 years with LOTS of guys and I don't remember even one time when one of the guys said anything about what I ate.