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Fitness Tae Bo results? Jun 18 2010
11:03 (UTC)
Original Post by emerie:

When I did tae bo in 2006 I lost about 55 lbs in 3 and a half months.  It worked pretty well toned  me up some.

 How often were you doing Tae Bo for this to happen?

Weight Loss How do i go back to being the old me? Dec 20 2009
13:17 (UTC)

when this picture was taken i was eating a packet of skips of a day and a can of diet coke, hence y i dont do it anymore!!!

I know that diet and excercise is the way forward but if hard work dedication is what is needed how long cn i expect to see results



Original Post by 062121:

Surely you can answer this better than anyone on CC.  What were you eating then (or not eating then) compared to now?  What was your activity level then compared to now?  As long as what you were doing then was sensible and something you could live with doing long term (i.e. that photo wasn't taken at the end point of a major liquid diet/cleanse/fasting regimen), then you already know what you have to do to get that body back.


Motivation Someone help.... Need to kickstart again Nov 25 2009
13:25 (UTC)

I have a bunch of dresses i have picked out that i like if anyone would help me choose?

Im going to wear a sheer cardigan/shawl thing. already decided on that (and some mistletoe into a brooch kinda thing).

I hate doing all this. Can never find anyhting i like

Going shopping on the 4th decembe

Motivation Someone help.... Need to kickstart again Nov 23 2009
13:58 (UTC)


As you will see im quite small (5ft) and all my weight centres on hips. i have big shoulders too and fatty arms :(

Have tried everything to lose weigh tand nothing :(

some tips to dress would be fantastic. Want to look and feel a million dollars.

Motivation Someone help.... Need to kickstart again Nov 23 2009
13:41 (UTC)

First question


how do i post pics?

Weight Loss Think depression is hitting Nov 18 2009
23:16 (UTC)

I am looking to be a size ten by my birthday (february) thats when im happiest. Im confident, look sexy and feel sexy.

I just want to drop one dress size by my xmas party then relax a bit of strictness.

Someone please help me

Weight Loss Xmas Party in 5 weeks and still not lost anything :( Nov 10 2009
15:28 (UTC)

Yes i have. I dont eat much anyway so calories shouldnt be making me hold it.

im burning off bout 450 -5 00 calories a day in excercise.

its just not shifting

Fitness Losing Nothing Nov 10 2009
15:27 (UTC)

I hate looking at the scale so i mostly measure by the trousers etc i wear. but even that has proved unsuccessful,  havent lost anything




Typical diet for me is (yesterday i ate)


Breakfast :Oat clusters with dried strawberriers and bio yogurt.

Lunch :  Veg soup (sometimes with salad) or Toast with Tuna

Snack : Apple/ Banana etc whatever fruit i have

Dinner : Toast with peanut butter. Mac and Cheese or roast beef.

Snack : Fruit again


Weight Loss Lots of Questions Nov 05 2009
13:43 (UTC)

Thanks ladies


My veg is contained in soup everyday (although sometimes ill have salad etc aswell.)

My main problem is that i CANT eat loads, i have a tear in the lining of my stomach and by eating loads it releases the acid which makes me extremely ill and sore. I have to eat little and often if you like. i try to have 3 meals a day although i agree my calorie intack is low. how can i boost this healthily without having to sacrifice more time. Sat are usually me and my family day, spend time with my pooch etc, dont really want to cook all day.  My dad has started preparing extra when he makes tea for my mum and sis so that i can have it at lunch the next day. He always makes good stuff like mince and mashed potatoes, with peas and carrots so at least that would be scrumptious.

I am a size 14 but went up from an 8/10 as i ate takeouts everynight after a breakup went bad.  Do you think now not eating enough is causing me to hold onto that weight and how do i get it off?> will 7 weeks be enough to make a BIG difference.

 p.s. im extremely fussy about what i eat so finding ready meals etc are hard to come by


Fitness Burn Meter Sep 30 2009
13:22 (UTC)

Amethyst i do work out its just so far today i havent relaly done anything. apart from walk a few times downstairs lol. i work in office.

thanks for help.

Fitness Burn Meter Sep 30 2009
13:10 (UTC)

Ok i think i understnad now.

According to it my calorie burn meter is 1710 so so far today i have had 530 so i need to eat no more than 1210 to lose weight without exercise.

I ate 1200+ yesterday but excercised for 20mins doing tae bo. so i should of been ok?

Health & Support Pain after eating Sep 30 2009
12:43 (UTC)

I have the same problem but mine is caused by two things.


1) i have a realtvely small stomach through stupidity and dangerous eating habits.


2) i have a build up of acid in the lining of the stomach.


There are a few things you can do. Try eating smaller meals. I know this sounds stupid but i cannot eat an adult sized meal i have to have 6 smaller portions throughout the day.  this might help with the bloatedness as your not eating so much at once.

Also try an antacid. they arent expensive, can be picked up relatively anywhere and it should supbised any acid.

If its gas then im afraid it might be a change in diet.


Hope this helps



The Lounge Crap. Sep 30 2009
12:39 (UTC)


This is just a suggestion by why dont you try a slimming dress istead of tight fiting. i.e. get one to match bust and have dress skim the rest of the body instead. if your bust if that good then use it to your advantage.

Games & Challenges Change 1 letter Only Game Sep 30 2009
10:08 (UTC)


Motivation Was feeling good about my body...and then I saw a picture... Sep 30 2009
09:54 (UTC)
Original Post by oseya:

 It's SO frustrating, I feel like a blimp.

I certainly feel that way. i knew i had to lose a bit of weight but it ws only when i took pictures of myself last night i realised how big i was. So disappointted :(.

Used to be so nice now im a hippo


Games & Challenges Change 1 letter Only Game Sep 30 2009
09:47 (UTC)


Motivation Newbie looking for some help Sep 29 2009
09:08 (UTC)

So far i already have done things like semi skimmed milk and if i can find it the 1% fat stuff as im not too fussy bout it.

Bread prefer wholemeal or ones like granary (with a little crunch) anyway.

Dont realy eat cheese but when i do its always low fat.  Very fussy about which meats i eat. HATE FATTY MEATS!!!

I think my biggest downfall is junk. I think i have just got that used to not eating meals so substitute it for crisps and sweets.

I work in a shop too as my second job so all day i can go without but then when i work at night its in front of me.

I have decided that i will concentrate on getting the exercising first. and try to cut out choc and crisps etc but if i fail its ok. Another technique im using is that if i have an urge for junk ill have for examply one square of choc or one crisps. then put the packet away. sometimes thats enough for me. unless its a treat or something i.e. cinema.

I need motivation for exercising. Once i havfe done the exercise i do feel good. But its getting that feeling to get up off sofa, out of bed, etc to do it.

Thats what i need it for. Was just hoping for some tips. I have a load of pictures when i was smaller and felt good about myself (although i probably needed toning up i think i looke dgood). I have saved these to my ipod and now when i feel cravings for junk or when its time to exercise i look through them in the hope that it will drive me to do something about it.


Any other helpful hints appreciated.

Fitness How can i tone legs Sep 28 2009
14:43 (UTC)

Thank Amethyst

What i meant was that when i was a size 8 (uk) i had "air" between my thighs but i still have quite big thigh in comparison to the rest of my body (i.e. my legs do most of the supporting for my body) I have put on a lot of weight s obviously there is that fat to get rid off but the muscle underneath is still quite big. What i meant was how to make that muscle leaner rather than bulkier.

obviously a whole body target of reducing fat % is essential for me. but i can assure you i am fat.

im not saying i want to target only my legs, its just my legs is the one place im not sure about. i know how to tone arms..kinda... and i know all about sqauts, ab crunches etc. but there is no point in really working a muscle for it to lie below a layer of fat.

about the thighs "Well... are we talking that they rub painfully against each other as you walk, or just as you stand with your feet together, there isn't air between your thighs?" As i said before they are fat, with quite a big muscle underneath but also if i wear skirt or shorts they do rub togheter quite painfully and can sometimes bleed quite a bit hence why i wear trousers.

My jeans dont last long as the inside of the thighs rub against one another and cause the denim to split.


Any help would be gratefully appreciated.