Private Selection Nutrition

Category Food Manufacturers
Address PBM Products
204 N. Main St.
Gordonsville, Virginia 22942
United States
Phone 800.959.2066
Added 2010-12-12 17:11:13
This organic, cow?s milk?based infant formula contains all the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients required for healthy development and is suitable for most term infants during the first year. It is also the only organic formula that contains the lipids DHA and ARA, two nutrients naturally found in breast milk that are associated with mental and visual development. Our organic infant formula is certified organic in accordance with USDA regulations and meets National Organic Program (NOP) guidelines for substances to be used in organic production. Parent?s Choice® and Ultra Bright Beginnings? organic formulas are produced without: * Pesticides * Added Growth Hormones * Antibiotics

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