How can I prevent water retention in the heat?
Asked by dawn2465 on Jul 09, 2008 in Weight Loss

My body absords water like a sponge, especially when it is warm outside.  My fingers swell and I bloat around my middle.  It can sometimes make my weight fluctuate by 3-4 pounds.  What can I do to naturally relieve the water retention?  I drink lots of water to help flush it out but it doesn't seem to be working.


The body does not effectively remove fluid from the tissues in hot, humid weather.  Limiting dietary sodium to 2,300 mg might help, but don’t cut back if you’ve been sweating heavily.  You can reduce fluid accumulation below the knees by elevating your legs, and you can force fluid out of your tissues all over by submerging fully in a pool or tepid bath.  You can also try to eat foods that are natural diuretics, like asparagus, dandelion greens, and parsley.  In some cases, a doctor may chose to prescribe a low dose diuretic pill.

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