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I am pregnant. How many calories do I need?
Asked by sexymama32 on Jun 03, 2009 in Family & Pregnancy

I am 32, 5'6”, 187 pounds, and I am 5 months pregnant.  How many calories should I consume?


In general, you need 300 extra calories a day for pregnancy - or the number of calories it takes to reach your weight-gain goal.  The weight guidelines from the IOM (Institute of Medicine) are based on a woman's pre-pregnancy BMI.  They are:

  • Underweight: Gain 28-40 pounds
  • Normal weight: Gain 25-35 pounds
  • Overweight: Gain 15-25 pounds
  • Obese: Gain 11-20 pounds

You, personally, should gain 15 to 25 pounds throughout your pregnancy by eating 2000 to 2100 calories per day.

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