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Where can I get the will power to stick to a diet?
Asked by anonymous on Jun 09, 2009 in Emotional & Behavioral Issues

I was a Recon Marine for 10 years and I could do anything back then.  Now 12 years later, I have zero will power and I can't stick to a diet.  Arthritis limits my activity.  I'm down to 265 lb from 285 lb 2 years ago but I still can't get motivated to lose more.  I seem to have every excuse not to diet, but I want to change my life so that I can contribute more to my wife and daughter.  But, at the same time, I want to just throw in the towel.  What can I do?


Your will is helping you to carry out your transformation, but it's telling you to attend to unfinished business first.  It seems as if you’ve lost pleasure with your life, which could be indicative of depression.  Take this Depression Symptoms Test and, if you screen positively, visit your doctor.  Depression has many causes and it make it almost impossible to lose weight.  But, in either case, focus on doing whatever feels enjoyable to you because there are so many ways to make healthy lifestyle changes.  For instance, you might like to try bicycle riding, a cooking class or a spiritual group.  Remember that any positive action contributes to healthy change.  Also be sure that your idea of "a diet" is not too restrictive to live with.  Check out Intuitive Eating for a tolerant approach to weight loss.

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