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Category Food Manufacturers
Website www.groupe-bel.com
Address Bel Industries
12, cours Louis Lumière
Vincennes 94 300
Phone +33 (0)149 57 31 60
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Port Salut is 180 years of history in a cheese! In 1816, after fleeing events related to the French Revolution, some monks settled at a ford in the Mayenne river at a point called Port Rhingeard. As they planted their feet on the ground they exclaimed: "Ici est notre Salut!" ("Here is our salvation!") Thus the abbey's name incorporated the French word for salvation, becoming "Notre Dame du Port du Salut". The monks decided to produce cheese at the abbey. Thus was born the whole, ripened Port Salut cheese.Née en 1816, et affiné dans les caves de la Fromagerie du Port Salut depuis son origine, Port Salut® est la marque la plus ancienne du Groupe Bel.

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DCI Cheese Company

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