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Pantry Shelf Nutrition

Category Food Manufacturers
Address PO Box 613
Hutchinson, Kansas 67504
United States
Phone 800-968-3346
Added 2010-12-28 16:34:11
Founded in 1987, the Pantry Shelf is a manufacturer of dry blended products and sells ?All Natural? baking and drink mixes under the Pantry Shelf brand name. In addition, Pantry Shelf also manufactures a wide variety of private label dry mixes including but not limited to: cocoa, lemonade, scones, soups, pizza, muffins, cheese dips, cookies, pancakes, frostings, and drink mixes. We can either develop a formula or use one provided by the client. Our R & D department is dedicated to providing products that meet the requirements of today?s consumers. Pantry Shelf also provides mixes for commercial use in restaurants and other food service related entities.

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