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I am on oxygen 24/7. What exercise do you suggest?
Asked by anonymous on Apr 01, 2010 in Health Conditions

I am almost 69 years old, weigh 240 pounds and I am on oxygen 24/7. It is a real struggle to exercise. Should I start off just trying to walk?  Even 10 minutes and I am worn out.  Will it get easier?


Ask your doctor about how much exercise you can handle. If your heart is weak and you have heart failure, then an official Cardiac Rehab program may be best because you would be monitored and advised by health professionals. In addition, if you qualify with a doctor's order, Medicare may pick up the tab. Otherwise, walking slowly and often in very short spurts - even 2 minutes at a time - may be best for you, or you could check out seated exercise videos, which you could perform to your comfort level.

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