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How can I get my 6 year old to eat vegetables?
Asked by anonymous on Aug 08, 2008 in Family & Pregnancy

He only likes carrots and refuses to eat other vegetables. What can I do?


You can either hide vegetables in your cooking like Deceptively Delicious author, Jessica Seinfeld, or you can use the Repeat Exposure method to promote familiarity. Expose your child to vegetables growing in the garden and at the Farmer’s Market. Have your child cook with you for another exposure. Present vegetables raw on a crudité platter with a ranch dressing dip, or serve cooked vegetables with sauces, such as cheese and tomato sauce. Roast vegetables with brown sugar, bake them into muffins, or let your child sprinkle them with grated Parmesan cheese or fresh lemon juice. Finally, make sure your vegetables aren’t overcooked and that the grownups at the table eat their veggies too.

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