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New Ways to Burn More Calories Walking

By kimfitness on Aug 26, 2012 10:00 AM in Tips & Updates

You can burn more fat and lose more inches before and after your workouts by implementing a high-intensity walking routine into your fitness regimen. It’s true that slow to moderate walks are low impact forms of physical activity with loads of health benefits (reduces bad cholesterol, lowers blood pressure, decreases risks of chronic diseases).  However, adding layers to you walking routines makes them more challenging, more fun, and more effective. Did you know that high-impact activities can help you burn nearly 70% more calories than if you just walked at a steady pace?

To zero in on your fitness, fat-burning, and weight loss goals, incorporate the following tips into your walking plan and try the workouts below on 3 non-consecutive business days.

  1. Go On Longer Walks: You can burn almost 5 times more calories after you workout when your workouts are an hour long instead of 30 minutes.
  2. Walk Faster: When you walk faster your heart rate raises, you go further, and you burn more calories.
  3. Change the Direction of Your Walk: Moving forward, backwards, or sideways allow you to use muscles (inner and outer thighs) that you otherwise might not use when walking in a straight direction and burn more calories.
  4. Add Toning Techniques: You can flip the fat-burning switch on your walks and turn them into a resistance training total body workout. Find a hill to tone your butt and thighs and use your arms (you can include a resistance band if you have one) to shape your arms.

Walking Workout #1

After warming up for 3-5 minutes, walk at a slow-moderate pace for two minutes. Then walk as fast as you can for 1 minute. Repeat this for 20-25 minutes.

Walking Workout #2:

After warming up for 3-5 minutes, set your timer for 1 minute. At the top each minute complete 10 Jumping jacks, 10 burpees, or 10 squat jumps. After you complete 10, walk as fast you can for the remainder of the minute. Repeat this for 20-25 minutes.

Walking Workout #3

After warming up for 3-5 minutes, walk as fast and as far as you can for 1 minute. Place a marker at the point where you stop. Turn around and lunge back to start. Repeat this for 20-25 minute but switch the type of leg exercise that you do. You can do Squats or Side lunges.


CLICK HERE to watch videos of me doing even more fun, effective walking workouts and find me on Facebook to tell me how you like to spice up your walking regimen.

This post is extra special to me because I am walking to support Alzheimer's research.  In honor of my grandmother you suffers from this unfortunate illness, I decided to bring my family together for a good cause. Please visit my race page and donate any amount that you might. I am matching all donations.


Walking gives me skinny legs, which is awesome since I'm really short, so I don't look like an oompah loompah ^^ Great walking tips, by the way (:

Add walking poles to increase energy expenditure by 20% to 30%. You can start with an old pair of ski poles or buy the specially designed walking poles. Make sure that the pole tip does not come ahead of the insole of your opposite foot and push off with the pole as you walk. It is fun and really helps with calorie expenditure.

wiggle it while walking burns more as well Laughing

Just moving your arms can help burn more calories. Instead of swinging them by your sides casually, take some hand weights and so shoulder presses or bicep curls or any kind of lifting as you walks. Burns more calories and tones your arms at the same time. :)

These are great tips!  I would flip the interval part, though, and walk hard for 2 minutes, then easy walk for 1 minute.  That way you get your heart rate up and keep it up for a longer period.  Plus, if you're walking, you can push through for 2 minutes!  Come on!  :-)

I think a minute or even less, like 45 seconds, is a better rest period.  I'm so glad they talk about intervals!!!!


Which exercise burns fat 9 times faster than any other kind?

Great tips for walking and if anyone has great workouts for the treadmill, please send along!

I will also be walking for Alzheimer's Walk in September in honor of my mom who passed away to complications of Alzheimer's almost a year ago.  She was on 67 years old and suffered from this horible disease.

After each mile I walk I run steps, 10x there are 32 up 32 down of steps each mile I try to walk 4 to 5 miles a day plus the steps. I'm up to 40x a day on the steps. There are hills during my walk as well.

Before I use to walk according to my pace but now I do walking in 2 intervals - fast then slow. Works well and drives my heart rate up. Smile

What about bicycle riding. I find just starting out again its a lot more work than walking. Anyone know the benefits of riding a bike, Thanks


I'm doing a regular brisk walk which takes 30 minutes.Not much,you say,but it's up hill and down dale,then back up hill again!I'm a generous 200 lbs,so Ilm calling it weight lifting!Yesterday I stretched it to 40 mins of extra ''hill.''Today I'm talking my hand weights! I've been at this 3-4 times a week,weather permitting,for a couple of weeks now,and can't believe the difference in my health already! Best wishes with the Alzheimers walk.

Congrats on walking 30 minutes.  I just started walking and trying to loose weight 6 months ago.  I started out just being able to walk for about 10 minutes and built it up. Now I walk at the mall since I live on the Texas Gulf Coast and the heavy air makes it difficult to walk outside when the heat index is around 104.  I have found that plugging the MP3 player intomy ears and putting on an upbeat album works.  I walk to the beat of the music.  The only problem I have with that is I want to start singing to the music and people look at you really strangely when you do that!     Good luck with the Alzheimers walk.

I empathize with you singing with you MP3 player as you walk.  Do you know that you are probably completely out of tune when you can't hear your own voice? I've walked down many a street with my head held high singing along to Linda Ronstadt or whomever I have on cd and I just smile at the weird looks.  Unfortunately I have slowed down and am only doing ten minutes very slowly right now.  Aging ungracefully I call it.  But the aches and pains caused by illness enforced inactivity is hard to overcome.  Please think of me as you warble away.

I am usually off key even when I can hear my own voice!   Great for you that you are still doing the the ten minutes.  Hopefully continuing to move will help you with the healing process.  I don't know where you are doing your walking, but I found that walking in our mall helped with those annoying joint pains I was having walking on the uneven street.     I will sing one for you.

Original Post by: sherriesova

What about bicycle riding. I find just starting out again its a lot more work than walking. Anyone know the benefits of riding a bike, Thanks


While I don't know the exact benefits of bicycle riding (other than it can give you a killer set of legs and it's a good non-weight bearing way to burn calories), I do know for a fact that it's addicting (which can be a good thing when it comes to exercise).  After using the bike primarily as a means to get around town for 6 years, I met my husband who is an avid bicycle rider.  I then started climbing (riding roads that go up hills).  At first, it was all I could do to climb some of the uphills in Silver Spring, but we then graduated to Frederick and then North Carolina, Georgia and recently France & California.  As I said.  Very addicting.

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