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New Research: When Should You Go Grocery Shopping?

By +Carolyn Richardson on May 06, 2013 06:00 PM in Healthy Eating

New research says what you already know - you should never go to the grocery store hungry. But the Cornell researchers' results gave a little more insight into why. 

Brian Wansink and Aner Tal tested grocery shoppers in a lab setting initially, but also tested grocery shoppers at differing times, between 1 and 4pm and 4 and 7pm. Shoppers who went closer to dinner time bought the same number of low-calorie items and about the same amount of food as shoppers who'd had a snack, but the big difference was in the amount of high-calorie foods purchased. They bought more high-calorie foods than shoppers who may have been less hungry. 

So what's the best time to go grocery shopping? According to Phil Lempert, the self-proclaimed Super Market Guru himself, the best time to go shopping is in the morning. He tells MSN, that produce and dairy is replenished first thing in the morning. He also debunks the best-day-to-shop notion saying, "Supermarkets used to get food deliveries once or twice a week, but now most stores are getting shipments every day." But if mornings are all bad for you, a separate study says it's best to have your groceries delivered, from a carbon footprint standpoint. Just make sure you're not hungry before you log on. 

Your thoughts...

Why do you go grocery shopping when you do?   


The best time to shop is in the morning, when you're fresh, the stores are less crowded, and the children are still sort of listening to you...

Unfortunately, I go when I have time...

I don't like to go on Saturdays, which is the only morning time I have. I go after work because the store is right on the way home. Then I am combining two trips. This summer I will probably be more likely to ride my bike to the store, as I'll also be riding to work 3 out of 5 days a week.

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