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Who Needs a Lap-Band?

By Mary_RD on Dec 07, 2010 10:00 AM in Tips & Updates
Edited By +Rachel Berman

According to an NBC report by Chief Science Correspondent Robert Bazell, there are 220,000 weight loss surgeries conducted each year in America.  Of that, half are attributed to Lap-Band surgery (the other half are gastric bypasses.) A recent report by Reuters says, “Allergan, Inc., the maker of Lap-Bands, Botox, breast implants, and other cosmetic products, wants approval to promote the surgically implanted Lap-Band device to people with lower body mass indexes who are still considered obese.” 

Presently, the Lap-Band is indicated for people who have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 40 and above or 35 with a serious health problem.  Allergan “… is seeking FDA approval to insert the Lap-Band in adults with a BMI of 35 or higher or a BMI of 30 plus one weight-related health problem such as diabetes or high blood pressure.”  The issue is whether or not the benefits or Lap-Band surgery outweigh the risks. 

What is Lap-Band Surgery?

Lap-Band surgery is performed to reduce the amount of food a person can eat. It is safer than the gastric bypass because it does not remove any part of the digestive tract and it is reversible.  Through several small cuts in the belly, the doctor inserts small surgical tools and a camera to place a silicone band around the upper part of the stomach to create a small pouch. Attached to the band is a thin tube leading to an access port that is left under the skin. The access port is the place where the doctor puts in a needle to add or take away saline. Adding saline tightens the band and makes the stomach smaller. The doctor can take away saline if the ring is too tight.” Watch this video about the Lap-Band procedure at

Should more people be eligible?  

But is an increase in the eligibility of weight loss surgery the right step toward improving America’s health?  According to research published in the journal Surgery, the Lap-Band procedure resulted in variable weight loss and a substantial number of complications.  In a three year follow-up of 186 patients who had the Lap-Band procedure, 30 percent did not lose more than 25 percent of their excess weight, and 54 percent did not achieve a BMI less than 35.  Complications developed in 47 percent of patients, (although they decreased to 32 percent as the device improved over the years.) 

In a study by Allergan reported on their website, 88% of 299 patients reported side effects ranging from mild to severe. Nausea and vomiting (51%), gastroesophageal reflux (regurgitation) (34%), band slippage/pouch dilatation (24%) and stoma obstruction (stomach-band outlet blockage) (14%) were the most common post-operative complications. 

But, as Dr. Lee Kaplan from Massachusetts General Hospital told The New York Times, the “dramatic effects…go well beyond the weight loss effects.”  Lap-Band advocates point to its effectiveness in resolving diabetes, high blood pressure, and other medical conditions.

The Decision

On December 3, 2010, The New York Times reported that an advisory committee to the FDA did endorse the expansion of Lap-Band to less than severely obese patients - and the F.D.A. usually agrees with its advisory committees.  Still, the decision to go through major surgery to lose weight is a personal one.  Allergan’s Lap-Band was the first adjustable medical device for individualized weight loss, but remember, it’s not the only option.  

Your thoughts…

What are your thoughts or experiences about Lap-Band surgery and other gastric banding devices on the market?


This is crazy!!  They should change the crap they put into foods now a days instead of wanting More people to go under the knife jus to lose weight!

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What about a virtual/hypnotic gastric band?  Much cheaper, non-invasive and not dangerous to the patient.

I know two people who had the lap band surgery and both of them are over weight and have gained back some of the weight they have lost.

The lap-band is good for short success, but after awhile, the person has to learn how to eat, and has to move around, or else you'll end up back where you were. :(

I have a lap band, I have had it since January 2008.  When I started the testing process prior to receiving the surgery I was told that this is just a tool, it is not the sole answer to my problem.  At the time I did not want to hear that but it is very true.  I have lost a total of @80 lbs and have kept 65 lbs off.   I can truly say that this is a tool to be used along with proper diet and exercise to help someone loose the weight, not a miracle cure.  I was not successful at doing it on my own so I took this route and in hind site I am very glad that I did.  It has given me the kick start to a much healthier life.

wow...I don't know what to say.  I'm a lap band patient also.  I lost 60 and had many complications.  I've gained back 45.  But...with that said, Pattymoosley's comment is so correct.  I was told also that this is just a tool.  Bottom line, you have to learn to eat right.  Calorie Count is a fantastic website and I'm confident that I'm going to be a loser again.  I had my lap band in Sept 2006 and even with the complications I had, I would do it again.... actually I am doing it again.  For the past 6 months, I've been at zero fill and just now starting the fill process again ... but going to use Calorie Count to help keep me on track.  Good luck with all of you with your weight loss challenges and whatever you do... don't give up trying to lose that weight.

Seems to me that this could enable a person with a weight problem to address is sooner with the lap band option if it were allowed for the lower BMI's.  Since most who had the surgery would only loose up to 25% of their weight, with a lower BMI the surgery could get them to a 25 BMI. 

Folks simply have to know that surgery does not fix them, they have to focus and be aware of what they put in their mouths and also take control from that angle or the lap band surgery is a waste.  However, I think it should be an option to those with a BMI of 30+ rather than wait until they've hit a BMI of 40 or more.  Options are good.

there is no substitute for hard work...


Ugh, I wish it were (or something like it but not so dangerous) were available to people like me who are more in the I need to lose 50 pounds range. I could put away an entire pizza if you asked me to, my stomach must be HUGE.

Now, even though I'm eating lean meat like chicken and turkey and fish and lots and lots of veggies I still am not losing weight. 7 pounds over 2 months is NOTHING. Most of the people on here lose that in a week, and I don't have the time to spend hours and hours and hours at the gym (2 hour commute, sorry - but that sort of eats up my day. Plus, its snowing. You go out and be active in 2 feet of snow!)

just learn how to eat right and that is enough

Original Post by: jamina1

Ugh, I wish it were (or something like it but not so dangerous) were available to people like me who are more in the I need to lose 50 pounds range. I could put away an entire pizza if you asked me to, my stomach must be HUGE.

Now, even though I'm eating lean meat like chicken and turkey and fish and lots and lots of veggies I still am not losing weight. 7 pounds over 2 months is NOTHING. Most of the people on here lose that in a week, and I don't have the time to spend hours and hours and hours at the gym (2 hour commute, sorry - but that sort of eats up my day. Plus, its snowing. You go out and be active in 2 feet of snow!)

7 pounds over 2 months is great!  I don't know who you are looking at to think that "most of the people on here lose that in a week".  I, and many, many people on this site, would be thrilled to lose 1 pound per week.

I think people need to readjust their expectations.  The massive losses do not mean anything if they are not accompanied with a lifestyle change.  The pounds will just come back and bring their friends.

My mom had this done about 5 years ago and lost about 60 lbs but ended up putting all or most of it back on and she still wasn't close to a healthy BMI.  Unfortunately it did not deal with her underlying issues with food.  As previously posted, this a tool, not a cure.  And she still has trouble eating fruit, it makes her sick to her stomach.

I work for a hospital in NYC and I can tell you why they want to expand the eligibility - MONEY!  Currently people in Medicare and Medicaid can qualify for the surgery and have the government cover it.  That's a lot of money and a lot of patients because unfortunately those with government assistance are within that group of people who can't afford a gym, healthy food and end up being overweight.  I have heard of doctors who do the surgery and don't do follow up, or doctors who perform the surgeries for people who don't qualify but they mess with the charts to make it look like they do (make you look heavier on paper, or healthier on paper) and then the patient ends up having a ton of issues after the surgery.  Some doctors don't even do the required psychological and physical treatments that every patient should go through before and after the surgery.  They do shortcuts because they want to have many patients go through it so they can get PAID!  They rather make their money than keep you healthy, so this will only mean more money for them and more people who die because they got a procedure done that they did not need.  Of course the FDA is getting advise from the health professionals who claim they know better, yet these doctors are the ones who benefit from the expansion of these regulations.  All they want is more patients to make more money. Don't be fooled, this is about politics and money - nothing to do with obesity and health.

I know someone who went to Mexico to have it done and I believe it was she did not meet the qualifications.  She is okay, thank God.  But, if lower the restrictions will prevent people crossing the border, I am for it.

I am in the process of getting banded. I barely meet the weight requirements. I know how to "EAT Right" and I "work hard" on trying to keep my weight off. The lab band is a tool to help lose and keep the weight off. I still and will always have to "Eat right" and "Work Hard" (exercise) in order to remain in a healthy weight zone.

I think that Lab band should be available to people with BMIs less than 40. The cure to weight lose is diet and exercise no matter what tool is used to help you achieve your goal.

Don’t be haten on some else’s decision just because it is not what you would do.

I had the band done on me in March 2006.  I lost 100lbs and have kept 80lbs off though I am pregnant now so that is partly why I am heavier.  The band def jump started my weight loss. I was stuck at my heavy weight even though I had been exercising for a couple of years.  I just never got full before the band.  I have been in the normal BMI range below 25 since I have had the band and just work out and eat right.  I did go to Mexico in 2006 for a band because our insurance didn't cover it here.  I wish that more people were covered here in the States. Alot of people lose hope and get unmotivated when becoming obese and I think that if people want to get the surgery, they should be able to.  I still ended up spending 15 grand with all of my fills throughout the years but I would do it again vs being obese and  miserable.  Like others have said, it is JUST a tool.  I have had my band unfilled for the last 3 years and have done the work on my own.  It is the only way to maintain your weight in the longterm IMO.  Though I do credit the band to starting my weight loss and giving me motivation.

i don't think lapband surgery is the answer if the person does not learn how to eat for life. As Richard Simmons would say, it's not a diet, it's a live-it! And if you don't eat for life you will just gain back everything you loose. Also, if you loose weight very quickly your body does not have time to recover. Look at all those fab people on biggest looser - they look great at the end of the show because they've learned how to eat the right foods and they've Exercised! Another biggie lapband surgery does not address. so you eat less, so what? do you eat less McD's? Less KFC? and still sit on the couch? What good is that??

I also have two in-laws who went thru this surgery, one lost a lot, gained back some and maintained. the other lost a lot, and gained it all and more back...

This is so ridiculous!! How about you put the fork down and get off your fat lazy ass!

I wish we wouldn't be so negative here. Just because someone might not have the self control or discipline to just eat healthy and get some exercise, this is not a reason to put them down. This is just the time they need encouragement. For some that may mean some method so extreme as surgery and if the choice in surgery is something fairly easily reversible, Lap-band, or something a little more permanent, gastric by-pass. I would say the choice should be something you can change if you need to. However, that being said there still needs to be a reeducation of some variety. People should do their best to stop being victims of the times. Own up to what has caused the issue in the first place and take steps to get better. We just need a kick start sometimes. I wouldn't wish any of the side effects on anyone, though.

The people on biggest loser are not REALITY!  They are taken away from the every day hussle & bussle & responsibilities... they are also working out in a gym for hours on end without having the burden of going to work, take care of kids etc. 

I eat lean meat that is either grilled or broiled, steamed veggies and only whole wheat grain products.  I don't drink soda, and only have desserts on special occasions -- yet I have a BMI of 33.  I have worked with my GI doctor and nutritionist and both state I am doing EVERYTHING correctly as far as diet goes.  They state that no matter how low my caloric intake, my body just isn't burning all of it off.  I think having an additional tool to help would be an asset.  Not everyone can be as perfect as YOU!!!!!!

I could see this as a fresh start for extremely obese people or people with illnesses due to their obese weight, but after that it's up to the individual to make the right choices and life like a healthy person.

For those slightly overweight to slightly obese, it's time to face reality and learn that you are the only factor holding you back from a healthy life...not surgery.  To be honest, when I hear slightly obese people bragging about having gastric bypass I can't help but see them in a lower light. the lack of drive to do anything for themselves is just going to make them lazy and obese again.

Yesterday I spoke to a girl who's having gastric bypass in a week and how she's lost 11 pounds this week on a liquid cleanse to prepare for the surgery.  I just think, if you would put that effort into eating healthy, you wouldn't need surgery and you could be a major motivator for others. It's so disappointing.

Both the lap band and gastric bypass surgeries are false hopes for people that don't believe in themselves.  Instead of research paying for these low success rate procedures, the public should be educated in healthy eating and learn about the crap food producers are getting away with putting into our food...even produce. 

I have the lap-band. Next month I will have had it for 6 years and I have lost almost 100lbs. It is not a cheat to get thin or a cure all for medical conditions; it is a dieting tool. People that have had the "complications" listed are people that are probably not educated on how to live with the band. If you eat too much too fast or eat and drink at the same time, then yeah you will throw up because the stoma is only so big.  In response to those that didn't loose a substantial amount of weight, you don't just have the surgery to have the band installed and that's it. The band is adjustable. Once you receive a "fill" (where additional saline is injected into the port) and you have lost weight but then reach a plateau, then you go back for another "fill." Living with the band is a lifestyle adjustment.

For those that are extremely negative and say "put the fork down and get off your fat lazy ass" have obviously never been in a situation where weight loss surgery was the last resort. How dare you. That is an extremely hateful and selfish thing to say. You have no idea what goes on in the real world. Having any type of major surgery is extremely scary. Add to that the person needing the surgery is not in the best health to begin with.  Yet, you are so quick to judge.

Finally, having weight loss surgery is not a short cut or a cheat; it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to make the most of the surgery.

I think people need to change their mind on weight loss and view it as changing their lives permanently. Hard work and dedication to a healthy nutritious life is the most important thing to grasp. I'm not a fan of any quick fix thing unless it is to save a life

In my opinion, surgery should always be a last resort!  However, with that being said, some people just do not have the will power NOR the support at home to lose weight!  Support is huge - if your significant other is not willing to change their eating habits too - then all is lost!  Surgery may be an option but one must always remember that it is not the be-all and end-all.  Changing eating habits is the most important thing!!  You can have all the surgeries in the world for weight loss, but, when you go back to eating burgers and fries - purpose had just been defeated!!

I'm glad this wasn't an option earlier.  For years I've wanted/needed to lose weight and never thought I could and I would have loved to have had the lap band option because I thought it would be the easy way out.  But last April I decided there was no "easy" way and knew I had to do it on my own if I was going to lose weight and be able to keep it off.  I have lost almost 45 pounds since April and I am confident that I have done it the right way and will be able to keep it off.  And all on my own without surgery!

I think it might be a good idea for some people, but if I can lose weight on my own, then believe me, anyone can.

Comment Removed

FACT: An instant remedy or miracle cure does not exhist for obesity. Dedication to change bad unhealthy habits, patience and time is the only way that a person can lose those unwanted pounds. Surgery or not, you will not have sustained weightloss without making lifestyle changes.

Attacking obesity needs to start at home with today's kids. If bad habits are never formed, they wont have to be broken. It's my opinion that most of our society's problems can be attributed to the breakdown of the family unit.


Original Post by: weldergrrl

This is so ridiculous!! How about you put the fork down and get off your fat lazy ass!

Wow.  I don't read them all, but this is the most negative set of comments I've seen on Calorie Count to date. 

I'm not a proponent of lap band surgery but I've also never been in a position where I'd exhausted all my options. A friend of mine felt she was in that position, however. She hadn't yet, after many different attempts, figured out what it was going to take to lose the weight she needed to and her life was literally in jeopardy from obesity related diabetes and heart trouble.  Her college age daughters tried to talk her out of it, but despite the dangers that they were worried about, she couldn't face the physical and psychological/emotional stress of her obesity any longer and went for the surgery.  She died from complications resulting from the surgery the day after it was done; she was poisoned by her own digestive system.

She was a lovely person.  Her two daughters and grandchild and the rest of us have lost somebody special.

I know it's worked for a lot of people; but when people choose lap band, they have to remember that death is a real possible consequence.  Is your obesity at the point where it's worth risking death?  My friend thought so.  I don't know. 

Ultimately, I hope that the decision to expand lap band to less than obese people is reversed.  We tend to trust institutions (medicine & government) and can't imagine that procedures would be endorsed or performed could actually be hazardous. And even when we know the hazards, it's very hard to take them seriously and consider how we are risking the hearts of the people that love us when we risk our own lives.  And I'm concerned that formerly non-qualifying people like larksong9 won't get their opportunity to do the work that she did and find a nonsurgical route through their health and weight loss trials.

And, I also hope, that whatever the case, that people are more compassionate with each other and with themselves.

I am strongly opposed to this. It feels like a wasteful gambling with people's long-term health to create additional profit for the diet industry.

Putting the money into programs that help people learn how to lose weight would be a much better investment. Or provide a tax break for fitness expenses (gym memberships, classes, sports, personal trainers etc.). Canada offers a small tax break for children's sports/fitness activities. I think it should be expanded to include adults.

Lap-band surgery patients still need to learn the basics of eating right and exercising to succeed, so why do the surgery? The lifestyle change is still required.

The only reason I can see for surgical intervention is for someone morbidly obese with a serious health risk who is unable to exercise.

Had I been stateside when I started CC on April 1 this year and covered by a health plan, I would have been eligible for surgery since my BMI was 43. Instead, I logged my food, ate 'clean' 80% of the time, counted calories, went to the gym at least six days a week and spent $60 a week on three-times-a-week half-hour sessions with a personal trainer to learn how to weight train. Since I was no longer eating out regularly, there was virtually no impact on my overall budget.

I've lost 72.5 pounds and my BMI is now 29.5. Even better, I can run and lift and do more than I would have imagined possible eight months ago. (If anyone cares, total cost of gym membership and trainer has been approximately $2,100 spread over eight months.)

I'm female, 55, and have a desk job with occasional long hours and damaged knees - so I have many of the typical challenges. One plus was joining a gym that has key-fob access, so I could get to it even at 10 p.m.

Calorie Counters has also been an incredible FREE resource! Never mind giving every obese person surgery - give them free access to CC! (Oh wait, they already have that.) Smile

Keep well,

Island Scribe

BOO-URNS!!!  Teach people to eat right and exercise.  Don't encourage people to eat crap.  Make TV less available.  Give away free gym memberships!  DON'T encourage people to have surgery that could result in complications, and that doesn't seem all that effective to many people who have tried it.

The patients that we started seeing in the Operating room were patients who were back for their second weight reduction surgery. They lost weight on the first and then gained it back because they did not learn new habits. And then subjected themselves to yet another surgery. And then went home and sat on the couch, I know that because I asked, and they told me.

I now see people spending hours on various websites blogging and messaging about their weight and their motivation and their philosophies. Their time could be better spent at the gym, on a treadmill, or in the great outdoors.

I am looking right now at Carnie Wilson on the View. Enough said. Sad.

Original Post by: wiltshirelass

What about a virtual/hypnotic gastric band?  Much cheaper, non-invasive and not dangerous to the patient.

That would be a great idea. Do a double blind study where half get the real gastric band and the other half THINK they got it. I would love to see the results of that.

Of course those companies would never allow that because it would cut into their potential profit when they realize how many people would lose weight simply by eating less even if they hadn't actually had the band installed. 

UH NO NO and MORE NO!!!!! I have had at one or more times in my life to lose 60-70lbs due to having children and you have to work at it and it takes time. I think weight loss surgery is a CROCK!!!!!!! The last time I lost weight it took me 19 months to lose 71lbs. People need to learn how to make healthy choices and it seems to me that "weight loss surgery is the easy way out", but in actuality I have had friends who have had this procedure done and then they still continue to eat like crap! It DOES NOT teach you anything except that it is the EASY way out.

give a man a fish & you feed him for a day. teach a man to fish & you feed him for a lifetime.

that is all.

I much prefer to see people trying the lap band over gastric bypass surgery, however, but am still very leary of either.  I know so many who have had severe complications after gastric bypass surgery, and a few who died during as as a result of surgical complications.  I know for some it seems like a last resort and it does help many people, but a last resort only and with proper counseling before and after should be in order.

I have several friends who have tried the lapband, and living close to Mexico, many of them had the surgery there because insurance wouldn't cover the procedure (most of the insurance plans around here don't seem to cover any weight loss surgery regardless of BMI).  Most of the people I know who had lapband have seen some success but I know of only a few who actually lost all the weight they wanted to and then most of them put a lot of the weight they do lose back on.  It's very disheartening to them to go through so much and still not reach their goals. 

I agree in part with the lady who says a lot of the push about lowering the bar for eligibility is over money, but then what isn't in this world.  Sad, but true.  I think that counseling sessions before and after for continued care should be compulsory for those who have either procedure for best success, surgery alone is not enough. I don't know how you can enforce that, but someone should be able to come up with a way.

Lastly, for those who feel it's alright to post out and out negative comments that are in no way constructive, I feel sorry for you, but still wish you'd follow that advice that mothers are famous for. If you can't say anything nice, you should say nothing at all. 

It is easy to judge others for what they want in their life. For those that go through bariatric surgery it maybe a life saver as they see the world. The merry-go-round of yo-yo dieting is debilitating and very depressing. Addictions, no matter whether psychological or physical, their addiction is a way of life from the addict’s point of view; in this case food happens to be the drug. Bariatric surgery is a tool, not a complete answer, for what is happening in one’s life to create the pattern which brings them to overeat. Most addicts back slide several times before hitting their personal bottom, and start a long term recovery, and there are some that never do and become a victim of their disease. All too often, we see what does not work rather than what has worked, such as pointing out someone that has failed in their long term goal whereas reinforcing the accomplishments. After working in this field for the last few years, it is a one day at the time process, which requires a lot of positive support structure and whatever tools available to make a successful life change!

Connecting the mental thought to the physical outcomes can be a difficult task even though it is a simple calories in / calories expended calculation. MindMaps Education Systems create a total feedback system to create this mental awareness.

I lost 40 pounds many years ago. And I've consistently kept it off. As others have said, learning how to eat is critical. I call it PLANNING RIGHT. But the most critical step is THINKING RIGHT. One's mindset is critical. In most endeavors in life, it's 80% of the game. Dieting, and more importantly, weight maintenance, is arguably no different.

Therefore, we can discuss the merits versus disadvantages of lap bands ad nauseum. If they've worked for you, that is terrific. If you think the use of a lap band could create a mindset shift for you, terrific. But if not, then you are arguably working on the symptom and not the cause.

Well said - bnjionrek!!

Yes, Lab Band is a TOOL only, those who elect know this.  Trust me, the majority of people who elect this procedure feel that for them they are at the end of the line.  I know this, as I had the Lap Band 18 months ago.   Tried everything, and yo-yo'd all my life.  My parents taught me my bad eating habits.  However I went into it full well knowing that I had to make MAJOR changes in my life.  For me and my family.  I have lost 150 lbs and sadly still have about 50 more to go.  But I am doing it.  But if I had not made the decision to eat right, and exercise my loss may not have been so good.  I walk/run whenever I can, buy fresh foods and try try try to keep away from processed foods.  I now run 10k's and host a community boot camp class  My goal is to run a 1/2 marathon next year.  There are people who want to change themselves but do need that " tool" to help them along.  Support them please, other wise for alot of those people the " chain" maynever be broken....

So to those of you above, like weldergirl, who have nothing positive to say, please just keep it to yourself.  When people hear you talking like that it just discourages and sends a really bad message.  How about helping someone out, maybe you have a neighbor or family member struggling with there weight.  Why not ask them to go out on evening walks, or starting a community walking/exercise group instead of just sitting back calling them lazy and fat.  

To those of you considering having the Lab Band, go for it!!  Are there complications, YES as there are with any surgery.  But DO NOT do it if you are not ready to make those major changes in your life.  If today you can't make yourself go out and walk, even for 5 minutes ,or whatever you have the ability to do then maybe you do need to wait until that 100% of commitment comes to you.  And I say this only because I would want everyone one of you to make this gift/tool work for you and for you to succeed!!!!




Wow!  There are some mean people on this site.  I have seen all forms of weight loss in my family.  Gastric bypass for my sister, it kinda worked, but not like it should because she has not made the decision to do what it takes.  My M-I-L lost 100 pounds with the help of a hospital program, again it kinda worked by she stalled and gained some back.  She still wants to lose more.  All her children are overweight, most obesse.  They learn BAD eating habits.  Then their is my brother and I, both gained weight in our 20's 30's both have lost it and maintained that for many years.  So guess what, people are different, people need to do things different ways.  Why attack others for what they decide, if everyone could just "put down the fork and get off their lazy ass" then we would not have a weight problem in our country would we?

And by the way, having a spouse that does not eat like you does not have to keep you from losing weight!  Mine eats very poorly (when I am not cooking-breakfast, lunch, out), brings in all the things I shouldn't have, but I buy/eat what I decide to! 

Original Post by: jaefuma

I know two people who had the lap band surgery and both of them are over weight and have gained back some of the weight they have lost.

The lap-band is good for short success, but after awhile, the person has to learn how to eat, and has to move around, or else you'll end up back where you were. :(

I absolutely agree! While I can see a potential benefit for those, regardless of their BMI who medically or otherwise physically cannot loose weight or possibly have tried everything else, this might be a good thing. That said, it's only a bandaid over a much bigger problem!

We just need to learn to control what, when and how much we eat! I'm not perfect; no one is. There will be slip-ups and difficulties, but the only sure-fire way to loose the weight and keep it off is to change your way of eating! Simple math - Calories in must be consistently less than Calories burned in order to loose weight!

Case in point: I have a friend who had the lapband and has lost significant weight, which of course is great! (More than 100lbs!) But after the band came out, he stuck with the smaller portions, consistent exercise and conscience monitering of what he ate and has kept the weight off for nearly a year!

To pattymosley and callmelori - great job to you for for recognizing it for what it is - a tool for weightloss, not a solution! Much success in the future! :)


Perhaps a little snow shoveling is a good aerobic activity for you.  You could consider some at home work outs.  There are many DVD's you could use to get up and exercise at home, or simple yoga.  If money is an issue, you can check out items for free from the library. 

All i seem to see is everybody talking about how hard it is to lose weight. Mind you it is. What some folks don't realize is that there are some complications one may have that may make it REALLY hard to lose weight.

I've learned by having severe sleep apnea it makes losing weight very difficult. It brings the metabolism to a screeching halt. One has to almost starve themselves in order to lose the weight.

When you go to a nutritionist and they tell you you're in a catch 22..."you have to lose the weight to cure the sleep apnea and you have to cure the sleep apnea to lose the weight" what do you do? I think it would be best to lose the weight to cure the sleep apnea.

But, when you eat the right foods and do the exercises and nothing budges one has to seek out alternative measures. I have been to the lapband seminars and they tell you over and over and over again...Lap band is NOT a quick fix. It is, however, a tool that will get you where you need to be perhaps to cure that sleep apnea so you can get that strength and vigor back to actually do the right thing nutritionally.

What I have also learned is that the lap band is reversable. There's no rearranging your insides like the gastric bypass surgery. Every surgery has it's risks. But, I feel more at risk of death when i stop breathing at night and cutting the oxygen off from my brain. And, not every sleep apnea patient can tolerate the cpap either.

So, with all this said, for me losing this weight has nothing to do with getting off of my fat lazy ass. Nor does it have anything to do with my eating habits...if anything i need to eat. It has everything to do with saving me.

I think lower the requirement for lap band surgery is dangerous. I agree with it for morbidly obese people, but not if you're only 40-50 lbs. over weight. People who have these surgeries need to address their food addiction and relearn how to eat properly and take better care of themselves. It's not easy by any stretch of the imagination, but it can be done with determination and education. These people needed to be taught how to eat healthy, but they also need motivation to start up and keep it going. You definitely need support from family. Calorie Count is an excellent tool to track your eating. I started using it a couple of weeks ago. What a difference it makes seeing everything you put in your mouth put down on paper (computer). Also seeing the nutritional breakdown is really helpful. Thanks Calorie Count for your FREE website, I hope more people take advantage of it!!

After struggling for years and years , My doc sent me to a registered dietician who knows her stuff.  I have lost 20 pounds and have 10 to go.  The problem is all the rubbish being put in our foods and the fact our social lives revolve around food.

If you go out ice skating or playing basketball with friends instead of going to dinner and eat fresh fruit and veg with fish or non-animal protein like red beans and rice and avoid the fillers -corn syrup and soy protein isolate - you will be amazed at the drop in your weight and how great you feel.

PLEASE spend the money on one hour with a registered dietician and one hour with a personal trainer and use their advice for 3 months before you go under the knife. 

We need to change our culture to cure obesity - and have more fun. Thank you Calorie Count for your great web site.

Surgery is dangerous, any surgery and people die getting this operation.  In Canada and Europe they are trying a gastric balloon which causes less complications.  It is easy to adjust and should help many that just need that boost to start losing weight.   I thought about doing it just because being a diabetic surgery is not a good alternative for me.  I spent hundreds, tried everything but ended up with diet stress and was starving all the time.  This time is different and I am not starving.   I have meds to control the severe diet stress and I am doing it. 

It certainly seems like taking the easy way out, and also like th complications aren't worth it at all. However, it's a personal choice each individual should make for themselves.

The wonderfull thing about America is that freedom of choice also entails being free to make the choice to screw yourself over. Just make them sign a waiver or something.

It is most definitely not the easy way out. You still have to be on a diet forever and eat well - they make sure you go through a psychological assessment, you have to commit to exercise and have a exercise therapist, and a nutritionist post-op and for as long as you need to after that. It's a big deal and a team approach to changing your entire life once and for all. 

It is a tool that makes it so that you can't ever overeat, even if you want to. But you could still eat ice cream all day long and gain a bunch of weight. You still have to try hard.

It is actually way harder than people think and just as much work as just doing a regular diet, if not more, because you have to make sure you are eating healthily, especially that you are consuming enough protein. I did it in July and I was big but never that big. I just hit below the 200 mark today actually, after losing 48 pounds. I have literally been on a diet my entire adult life and have been to bariatric doctors, Jenny Craig, WW, Calorie Counter, and more. I just can't eat more than 1500 calories or I gain weight. I had to come to terms with this. I wasn't ever a huge pigger-outer, ever. But this has helped me when temptation has set in and I wanted to eat more than 1500 calories. It is almost impossible to live a life where you never go over this. Now, I can. It is a tool, nothing more, and it is most certainly not the easy easy way out, it is WAY harder than people think.

But it is worth it, even though there are times when it doesn't feel good. Being a size 14 from a 20 feels great. One more size down and I'll be happy to stay there forever. Don't hate on people who need to do this for themselves.

I am a mom of a 3 year old autistic son, a 6 year old son, I run a very high-tech multimillion dollar company with over 100 employees and I am married. I did this all for just me and no one else and it was worth it.

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