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Is it necessary to sweat to lose weight?
Asked by anonymous on Dec 21, 2009 in Weight Loss

I do 30-60 minutes on the elyptical several times a week.  I don't sweat much even though Ive turned up the resistence to 7.  I can feel my legs getting in better shape but I haven't lost weight yet.  Do I need to sweat to lose weigh?


Sweating is not a good way to gauge your workout because it depends on the clothes you wear, the air temperature and humidity and on your genetics - as much as on exercise.  To insure an effective workout, monitor your heart rate.  Individuals should aim for 40 - 90% of maximum heart rate depending on their fitness levels.  Beginners usually start at 50-60% of maximum. You can also use the “breath test” to monitor exercise intensity.  If you can carry on a conversation while working out, your heart rate is okay, but if you become winded, then you need to slow down to where you can talk again.  Read about exercise monitoring at

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