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Nature's Yoke Nutrition

Category Food Manufacturers
Address 165 North Shirk Road
New Holland, Pennsylvania 17557
United States
Phone 888-4NY-EGGS
Added 2011-03-10 21:47:40
Our eggs are produced on small local farms in the heart of Lancaster County and surrounding areas. These small scale farms have the ability to produce quality specialty eggs by utilizing careful farm management and hen care. We use no drugs or antibiotics to maintain hen health. Our chickens are fed a vegetarian diet with no animal fats or animal by-products in the feed and have the freedom to roam around and scratch about at will.

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  • C   Eggs - Pastured, Jumbo, Brown
  • C-  Eggs - Large, White
  • C-  Eggs - Large, Brown
  • C   Eggs - Jumbo, Brown
  • C-  Eggs - Large
  • C   Eggs - Organic, Jumbo, Brown
  • C-  Eggs - Extra Large
  • C   Eggs - Jumbo
  • C   Eggs - Large, Omega 3
  • C-  Eggs - Omega-3, Large, Brown
  • C-  Eggs - Organic, Extra Large
  • C   Eggs - Organic, Jumbo
  • D+  Eggs - Organic, Large
  • C-  Eggs - Organic, Large, White
  • C-  Eggs - Extra Large, Brown
  • C-  Eggs - Pastured, Large, Brown
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