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Mrs. Grissom's Nutrition

Category Food Manufacturers
Address 2500 Bransford Avenue
Nashville, Tennessee 37204
United States
Phone (615) 255-4137
Added 2011-01-27 14:13:49
Mrs. Grissom Celebrates Turning 90 By Introducing New Product Line. Mrs. Grissom remains active in the business today and is loved, admired, and respected by all who know her. At an age where most folks have long since retired, Mrs. Grissom celebrated her 90th birthday in August 2008 by announcing the introduction of a new line of cheese dips!

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  • D+  Hawaiian Salad
  • D-  Dip - Garlic & Onion Flavor Cheese
  • D-  Dips - Ol' Me-heco Jalapeno
  • D-  Dips - Cheese n' Cheese
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