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Mobile Movement

By kimfitness on Jan 15, 2012 10:00 AM in Tips & Updates

It's cold outside in much of the country, but the gym may be a bit more crowded than you'd like on certain days. Workouts that are done outside the gym setting can be just as effective. The key is to pick exercises that target each muscle group and to add some cardiovascular movements into the mix. The following is an interval workout that can be done anywhere with no equipment and burn hundreds of calories in minutes. This workout alternates between cardio and strength training drills and can be modified to fit all fitness levels.





  1. Simulation jump rope: Imagine that you have a jump rope. Jump up and down for 2 minutes. If possible try not to skip, making sure that both feet are off the ground at the same time. Remember to land softly.

  2. Push-ups: Perform pushups for approximately 30 seconds. This is the time that you want to recover and catch your breath from jump roping. In other words, this is your 'Active Recovery' meaning this is where you can prepare for your next super set without completely stopping and having your heart rate plummet.

  3. Jumping jacks: Complete 2 minutes of jumping jacks. Make sure you breathe in as you jump up and always touch your fingertips when your arms move up. Don’t take any breaks after the pushups. Instead, jump right into the jumping jacks. This will boost your metabolism and help you burn the most calories.

  4. Sit-ups: Lie on your back with your knees bent and complete 30 seconds of sit-ups. This is another active recovery that you can use to catch your breath from the jumping jacks. Make sure you are constantly engaging your abs and focusing on your breath.

  5. High knees: Standing upright, run (or walk if you are a beginner) in place, bringing your knees above your hips. Do this move for 2 minutes. This cardio move is challenging but can be very effective if done the correct way.

  6. Slow squats: With your legs slightly further than shoulder width apart and your toes pointed outward, slowly come down into a squat as if you were sitting in a chair. To protect your knees, be sure to stick your bottom out to ensure that your knees do not go over your toes. This is a great lower body workout that involves your glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps. Complete this move for 30 seconds.


After you complete each of the above moves for the allotted time period, come into plank position for 1-2 minutes to finish off your workout. I recommend you complete the circuit 3-5 times in one workout session. This workout can be done at home, at the gym, a hotel room, or in the park. There are really no excuses and no limitations to getting this done. Be sure to allot specific times thought your day to complete your exercise and try not to let anyone or anything rob you of that time. You can download workout calendars and use the Calorie Count Discussion boards to stay on track. Please tweet me to let me know how you do.



I'd like to know how many calories you can burn on average doing this workout. Any ideas?

Maybe it's just me, but I think a lot of us on here are not physically prepared to handle a workout of this intensity. This would seem to be one hell of a fat burner though!

Michelle: Depends on your height weight sex intensity etc. If you are really interested, you can get a heart rate monitor for pretty cheap (they are pretty accurate at estimating calories for aerobic exercise). 

Todd: I have seen some out of shape people go thru bootcamp/crossfit style workouts too - they just take a little longer than the uber fit (Those people are friggin' amazing to watch though). You just have to keep moving (jog/walk in place if you lose your breath jumping for example).

My only complaint on this set up is the pushups. This may be a recovery activity for a guy, but not a gal. At least not normal pushups. I know I breath harder doing full pushups than I do jumping!

Last year at this time when it was cold and I couldn't get out is when I started Power90.  I loved that it alternated cardio/abs and strength training.  I had a structured program that I could do in my home when it fit my schedule.  It really helped me stay on track and continue my weigh loss journey.

I like these tips. And I often do this out side as the gym room I using is very small and mostly crowded. Cheers. Stay healthy.

K, that's probably good advice. You got it right, just keep on keepin' on :) 

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This is pretty much the exact workout as Jillian 30-day Shred DVD - Level 1

So pleased to have found this. Loved doing it for the first time today  :-) x


So pleased to have found this. Loved doing it for the first time today  :-) x


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