What is the minimum number of calories a day for a man?
Asked by anonymous on Dec 27, 2007 in Weight Loss

We've talked a lot here about a minimum number of calories for women (1100 or 1200, depending on who you ask), but can you tell me what the number would be for men?


A man can meet his nutritional requirements in 1400 to 1500 calories a day; however, there is no need to limit your calories to that level. On 1400 calories, most men will lose more than the recommended two pounds per week and place themselves at risk for deprivation and binge eating. It's better to aim for a moderate calorie intake that gives you the opportunity to practice healthy eating in real-life situations. If you want to lose more calories, increase your physical activity because activity promotes fat loss and regulates the appetite.  Read more about weight loss for men, 7 Weight Loss Steps for Men, from About.com Guide to Men's Health.

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