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This group is for spouses / family members of those serving in the military (active duty, reserves, national guard) ... as well as veterans and those serving .... and those who support them!
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Starting over...again

by sdl3582 in Introduce Yourself on Feb 08

Hi, My name is Sherry and I'm new to Calorie Count. My husband is in the Navy and we just made our final move from Italy to Guam...

Liz It's a New Day!

by lizhub33 in Introduce Yourself on May 26

My name is Liz and I am a new Air Force wife! My husband and I have been together for 5.5 years and he just joined in November...

KB Wife, Mama, sister, friend, counselor, photographer and lover of Jesus.
Any Calorie Counters in Germany?

by counselork in Prayer Requests on Mar 23

DH and I will be PCSing to Stuttgart, Germany in June... would love to meet up with some other CCers over there for some accountability!

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My name is Molly and I've been on Calorie Count since 2007. My wonderful DH is currently in his 27th year of military service ... he is active duty (a pilot) in the California Air National Guard/USAF. (We're stationed in California!) So far he's deployed six times "to the Sandbox" ... and I'm slowly getting used to constant deployments and TDYs and all the hassles and joys of military life!

Add me to your Buddy List and be sure and send me a PM to contact me!


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