How many miles per hour do I walk?
Asked by pas5 on Jun 09, 2009 in Fitness

I have been walking every day at a park near my home. It's a paved walking path and I walk one mile.  Today, I walked it in 10 minutes.  How do I know how many calories I burned ? When I tried to log the activity it listed different mph for walking, but I have no idea how many mph I walked.  How do I figure that out ?


If you walked a measured mile in 10 minutes, then you walked 6 miles per hour.  But to accurately gauge your miles per hour, measure the time it takes to walk a pre-measured mile around a track.  Measured tracks are found at schools and gyms.  If you wear a pedometer, you can also figure out your speed by the number of steps you take per minute.

  • Walking under 2 mph is 61 steps
  • Walking 2 mph is 67 steps
  • Walking 3 mph is 100 steps
  • Walking 3.5 miles per hour is 115 steps
  • Walking 4 miles per hour is 152 steps
  • Walking 5 miles per hour is 242 steps

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