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Hello there,<br><br>you will agree with me that the Middle East is different in so many ways. Not only in Culture and Religion, but also the weather, eating and celebrating habits are different from other countries which creates totally different challenges for people trying to lose weight or get healthier.<br><br>This group is supposed to offer a basis for a discussion of best practices.
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Welcome to the Group

by maryam_r in Introduce Yourself on Nov 12

Maryam here. in Kuwait. 29! im 155 and weigh 56.9 (lost 300 grams since I started so I have every right to use the .90...

Running in Oman

by yourtheoneformefatty in Sports? on Mar 02

I should go for walks by the beach. Think I'll do that tomorrow!

Calories in Omani tea

by habunadi in Food and receipes on Jan 14

I guess the number mentioned above makes sense....not sure as well

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