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Does meat lose calories when cooked?
Asked by janinawalker on Aug 16, 2010 in Nutrition

The info on the package of raw meat includes fat, but when cooked, the fat drips off. Is there a difference in calories? I am thinking about meat loaf, which often includes bread crumbs to keep the fat in, but if we want to see plain beef with no eggs added, and cooked on a slanted grill, what is a better indication of calories per ounce?   On this site the food labels are for raw food, but I want to know about cooked food without most of the fat.


Actually, water loss accounts for most of the shrinkage in grilled and roasted meat, and water loss does not reduce the calorie count.  Grilling reduces the fat content of meat by about 25% only if the meat was high in fat at the start.  On Calorie Count, meat (and most foods) is listed in the raw and cooked state, with the cooked forms further listed as broiled, roasted, braised, etc.  For instance, here is one ounce of raw sirloin and one ounce of grilled sirloin.  Note that the cooked meat has more calories by weight because the extra weight from water was cooked off.  When logging your foods, choose the items that best match the foods you eat.

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