McCann's Nutrition

Category Food Manufacturers
Address Sturm Foods
P.O. Box 287
Manawa, Wisconsin 54949
United States
Phone 866-958-OATS
Added 2010-12-12 17:00:54
Steel Cut Oats - the pick of the crop If you are looking for great tasting oats, then go no further than McCann's Steel Cut Irish Oatmeal. Imagine taking the best oats, removing the outer husk (which is inedible) and then cutting them into smaller pieces - that's all we do! Now you can see why McCann's Steel Cut Oats are so rich and wholesome, with their unique, nutty taste - there is no processing, no additions, nothing artificial. We have been making this product for more than 150 years - it's changed very little in that time. Once you've tasted the real thing, you'll know why!

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