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What are my max daily carbs with type 2 diabetes?
Asked by irish-patsy on Mar 21, 2008 in Health Conditions

I've lost 75 lbs since being diagnosed with Type II diabetes (in 2004). Problem is, I've remained at this same weight for two years now...I can't get the extra weight off. My diabetes is in excellent control...A1C at 5.4...I am female, 70 yrs old, 5'5", 198 lbs. I HATE being fat. I've tried all kinds of regimens, but I'm glued to this weight. If I count carbs in trying to lose, what max daily carbs I should take in?



Given your stats, your daily carbohydrate intake should range from 170 to 250 grams.  High-fiber carbohydrates are tolerated best.  But your blood sugars are fantastic, and so I don’t think you need to change your carbohydrate intake.  You didn’t mention your exercise program.  Increasing aerobic exercise and strength-training is the best way to push through a weight plateau.  Just take it slowly to avoid injuries and try water aerobics if you have any joint problems. Read about exercise at  You can also count calories instead of carbohydrates because you might be eating more than you realize. Use the Calorie Target calculator to find your requirements.  Be sure to share you plans with your doctor.

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