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How can I make my sciatic nerve stop hurting?
Asked by kkappleby on Oct 01, 2008 in Fitness

I had just started a new exercise program a few weeks ago and things were going well. But this past Friday my sciatic nerve started acting up, and so I rested for a few days. Now I'm eager to get back to the routine but my sciatic nerve still hurts. I've been taking Aleve to help the inflammation but it doesn't seem to be helping that much. Things are good when I'm walking but when I sit it's really hard to stay seated. How can I make my sciatic nerve stop hurting?



The sciatic nerve is easily irritated by walking too fast and for too long. Recovery can take 3-weeks to 3-months, but exercise can speed it along. Exercise focuses on strengthening the muscles of the back and abdomen to provide back support. Stretching is important too because it targets tight muscles that cause the pain. Instead of walking, you might need an exercise program that targets the hip rotators, such as roller-balding, ice skating or tennis. Read about exercises for sciatica from the Guide to Physical Therapy on Get medical clearance before starting to exercise because sciatica has several possible causes.

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