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I.M. Healthy Nutrition

Category Food Manufacturers
Address The SoyNut Butter Company
4220 Commercial Way
Glenview, Illinois 60025
United States
Phone 800-288-1012
Added 2011-01-08 13:54:32
It is peanut/nut free so safe for the peanut/nut allergic individual, but accepted as "peanut butter" by those who are not. It can be taken into any peanut free zone. It is available in commercial grocery stores and food service. Your child can have their "peanut butter" and an institution can maintain all the advantages of peanut butter without serving it. The legal and health risk is gone. 2. If you are pregnant or nursing, but crave peanut butter, that desire is satisfied without the risk. 3. It is safe for children under three. 4. It gives "peanut butter" back to the family of a peanut/nut allergic individual.

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