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Lovin' Scoopful Nutrition

Category Food Manufacturers
Address 2360 W. Commodore Way
Suite 109
Seattle, Washington 98199
United States
Phone (206) 285-2573
Added 2011-02-27 23:19:28
Lovin? Scoopful?s goal is to create as many smiles as possible. Not only are we creating smiles on the faces of our customers but also on the faces of so many others that benefit from our donations. Lovin? donates 25% of its post tax profits ($50,000 minimum annually) to Special Olympics

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  •     Ice Cream - Churned Light, Out of This World Chocolate
  •     Ice Cream - Churned Light, Cozy Vanilla
  •     Ice Cream - Churned Light, Caramel Chocolate Heaven
  •     Ice Cream - Churned Light, What the Fudge!
  •     Ice Cream - Churned Light, Super Duper Peanut Butter Cup
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