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How can I lose weight without being on a diet?
Asked by melljoy on May 14, 2009 in Emotional & Behavioral Issues

I would really like to make at least one lifestyle change that will make a real difference over a period of time when I will slowly shed the pounds. I hate restricting the foods that I love, but I know continuing to eat this way will cause me to gain instead of lose. Do you have any ideas?


Whether you are trying to change your golf swing or the way you eat, it is better to change one habit at a time.  Your brain moves automatically in the direction of old habits, and so it takes repeated practice to rewire those circuits.  Start by taking a hard look at your lifestyle to see what is amiss.  Then, choose the one change that is most appealing.  For instance, you might like to eat breakfast, cut down on sugar, or have five servings of fruit and vegetables everyday.  Next, make a firm commitment and announce it publicly, and then practice, practice, practice until you forget your old ways.  (At that point, it's time to make another change!)

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