How do I lose weight with a back injury?
Asked by terryglad on Sep 04, 2008 in Health Conditions

I am 5' 5", 58 yrs.  In 2005, I lost 70 lbs in 5 months using Optifast program.  I maintained it for 3 years. I came out of the program weighing 140 and size 6. Within a year, I stabilized at 145-150.  Since January 08, I fluctuated at 155-160 and now am over 160!  I suffered a back injury in April 08, which is primarily the reason for the weight gain.  I am 80% less active now and I am back to fasting on shakes to lose the excess pounds. My caloric intake is under 1500 per day. What else can I do?


You need to workout now more than ever to prevent further decline and begin to recover.  You should engage in daily activity to maintain the muscles that support the back.  Water exercises have no impact and are usually started before a back injury has resolved.  Warm water relaxes tense muscles and eases the pain.  You might qualify to work with a physical therapist or you can go to warm-water exercise classes at a YMCA or health club.  Your doctor can help you to develop an exercise program.  When you are fully recovered, you can begin exercises that strengthen your core muscles

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