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How can I lose 35 pounds in 4 months?
Asked by anonymous on Jul 23, 2008 in Weight Loss

I am going back to my hometown for a visit over winter break. I don't want people thinking I've let myself go because I've gained a lot of weight. I lift weights for about 20 minutes a day and dance for about an hour, so my exercise is moderate.  What else can I do?


No one, except severely obese adults, should lose more than two pounds a week, A 16 week weight loss of 32 lbs is near the maximum.  But, from your behind-the-scenes information, I see you are only 14 years old, and so a good rate of weight loss for you is about 17 lbs over half a year.  That way, you'll get the nutrients needed for proper growth.  Dancing and weight training are great but try to be more active all throughout your life by walking and cycling, doing household chores and playing sports. The American Academy of Pediatrics make these recommendations for teens to reach a healthy weight: 

  • eat breakfast everyday
  • eat a low fat diet
  • limit TV watching and computer games to 2 hours or less a day  
  • avoid drinking soda, sugary beverages, and excess fruit juice
  • ask parents or other adults to model good diet and exercise behaviors

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