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Look Better Naked

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A team for men and women who want to share dieting/ exercising/ beauty/ fashion tips to look better naked!! We can do it!
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Welcome to the Group

by eln5001 in Introduce Yourself on Apr 29

Hello! I'm Emily. I've become convinced that there's a certain weight my body really likes and that weight is right around 130/135 pounds...

Should I eat my burned calories?

by ambererin in Diet And Exercise on Jan 23

I got my answer somewhere else... and it was YES! I wasn't positive, but just wanted to make sure. Now that I've been...

lost 60 lbs in under 9 weeks

by h20spazz in Introduce Yourself on Jan 22

Hello Audris! I'm looking for some support in going from not-big to skinny. I am 5'9" and about 145 pounds. I just graduated...

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Diet And Exercise 16 76
A great place to vent, ask questions/ post comments, share tips, etc.
Introduce Yourself 5 66
Get started by telling us a little bit about yourself!
What are your goals? 3 24
Set your goals... What is your plan to reach them?
Challenges 1 0
Join in on challenges... Get motivated! You CAN do it!!
Beauty/ Fashion 3 18
Discuss latest trends.
Fun And Games 3 32
A place to have fun and get to know each other better.
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