How long does it take your brain to register that your stomach is full?
Asked by gertb on Sep 09, 2008 in Nutrition

I don't really feel full while I'm eating some meals, but then when I'm done I feel stuffed.  Do you think I should eat half and then wait for a little while (how long is practical?) and the, if I'm still hungry, eat the rest of my meal?


Old research on lab rats found that it took 20 minutes for the satiety signal to kick in, but newer research published in Nature showed that changes in the human brain begin 10 minutes after eating and peak for about 2 minutes.  The changes correspond directly to increases in blood sugar and insulin levels.  By eating more slowly, you can give yourself time to feel your fullness signals.  You can take a 2-minute break midway through your meal if you'd like or you can simply eat more slowly. To slow down naturally, choose foods that require work, such as shelled nuts, soybeans in the pod, lobster and mussels in the shell, fresh artichokes, and oranges in the peel.

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