Little Hug Nutrition

Category Food Manufacturers
Address One Daily Way
Verona, Pennsylvania 15147
United States
Phone (412) 828-9020
Added 2010-12-09 19:51:04
First introduced in 1974, Little Hugs have been a favorite of kids and parents alike for over three decades. The 8oz fruit drink, with it signature barrel shaped bottle and foil cap, was the first single serve kids drink on the market and it remains our top selling itemtoday. Little Hugs are available in loose bottles, 6-packs and 20ct and 40ct assorted cases of our top selling flavors- Fruit Punch, Blue Raspberry, Orange and Grape. We also offer Big Hug, a 16oz version of Little Hug that features a convenient sport cap.

Parent Company:

American Beverage Corp.

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