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La Lechera Flakes Nutrition

Category Food Manufacturers
Address Nestlé S.A.
1800 Vevey
Phone 800-258-6727
Added 2010-12-28 15:46:05
Nestlé® LA LECHERA® has been sweetening the lives of Latin American families since 1921, and has quickly become part of the tradition of Hispanics in the United States as well. Not only does it allow you to prepare delicious desserts that used to take hours, La Lechera brings a special touch to your treasured dishes that is simply irresistible. After more than 80 years, its sweet tradition and trusted quality have earned it a special place in the Latino kitchen. With Nestlé La Lechera, you can treat your family to delicious desserts quickly and easily. And you can trust La Lechera's quality and tradition to make all your recipes turn out right!

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