Why do my knees and joints hurt after using the elliptical trainer?
Asked by anonymous on Dec 02, 2007 in Fitness

I'm new to daily exercise, but I've been working out on the elliptical trainer for the past two weeks. During this time my joints have been hurting, especially my knees. My hips and ankles also hurt when I'm standing at work. I believe I'm doing everything right: I warm-up, stretch, do cardio, and cool down. I'm not that old. What am I doing wrong?


It sounds like you did too much too soon and you developed a sports injury. Stop your exercise program and consult a physician because there are many different reasons for joint and knee pain. When you're ready to resume exercise, meet with a trainer first. The trainer will evaluate your routines for warm up, cool down and stretching, teach you the correct technique for the equipment you choose, and give you a training schedule. You should also start strength training program to build up the muscles supporting your joints.

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