Jungle Grub Nutrition

Category Food Manufacturers
Website www.organicnutrition.com
Address Organic Nutrition, Inc
P.O. Box 734
Carlsbad, California 92018
United States
Phone 760-828-7345
Added 2011-04-19 18:39:49
Nutrition bars disguised as a snack bar? You bet! Each bar is only 100 calories and has twice the protein of the average snack bar. Junlge Grub also contains a good source of Calcium and Vitamin C and has less sugar than a glass of milk.

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  • C+  Snack Bars - Berry Bamboozle with Vanilla Icing
  • C+  Snack Bars - Peanut Butter Groove with Vanilla Icing
  • C+  Snack Bars - Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, with Chocolate Coating
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