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Does juicing improve vegetables?
Asked by anonymous on Apr 20, 2008 in Nutrition

Does juicing your vegetables give you the same amount of calories and nutrients as eating them?


Juicing has its pros and cons. The benefits are that it makes i easy to eat a lot of fresh produce for people who normally wouldn't; juices retain vitamin C that is usually lost in cooking; and juices are easy to digest for people with gastrointestinal issues. On the negative side, sometimes the juicing process discards some of the nutrients, including fiber, found in the skin and pulp of produce. Those are needed for a host of bodily functions and to deliver a feeling of fullness. Make sure to buy a juicer that retains the pulp and skin. In the end, 'to juice or not to juice' is simply a matter of preference. And fruits/vegetables are just one part of a meal; don't neglect the other foods that make up a balanced diet. 

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