Inglenook Nutrition

Category Beverage Producers
Address 12667 Road 24
Madera, California 93639
United States
Phone 800-726-4422
Added 2010-12-20 20:12:27
"People always tell us what they enjoy most about Inglenook wines is its reliably great taste. Our innovative bag-in-the-box Wine Cask ensures that our wine will stay fresh at least six weeks after opening. The Cask is easier to pour than heavy glass jugs and fits conveniently in your refrigerator, making Inglenook the perfect wine to serve when guests drop by. It is also better for the environment because the packaging is lighter than glass jugs and is transported to your store using less energy, which is better for the planet. And, that's something we feel good about." ? Jim Walls, Winemaker

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