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I'm always cold after eating. How do I speed up my metabolism to stop this?
Asked by anonymous on May 02, 2008 in Health Conditions

Every time I am finished eating, I always get cold. I have never smoked and I am perfectly healthy. I read that I likely get cold because of a slow metabolism. I drink green tea and eat every few hours to keep it going, and so I am wondering what do I need to do to stop this and speed up my metabolism?


When you eat, the work of digestion sends blood to the stomach away from your extremities. If you are underweight with a BMI of less than 19, you might feel changes in body temperature more acutely because you lack a layer of insulating fat and muscle.  If that’s the case, increase your calorie intake to reach the adequate weight range, BMI 19 -24.9, and you should feel less cold. If you are not underweight, then consult your doctor for an assessment. Low thyroid function slows the metabolism and lowers body temperature, but the symptom is not limited to mealtimes.

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