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If You Snack It, Track It!

By Sheila on Apr 20, 2009 01:00 PM in Success Stories

The title is advice that our this week's featured member, kellic2174, would like to share with you.  She has lost 69 pounds by logging her foods and daily activities.  She contacted us through our Share Your Story feature, and provided the following answers to our questionnaire.

1.  What made you decide to lose weight this time?  Did you have an "Ah Ha!" moment?

Last year, while going through a miserable pregnancy with preeclampsia and high blood pressure, I gained a substantial amount of weight. As a result, I was placed on bed rest a month before having my daughter, who was born in October.  I went from 179 lbs pre-pregnancy to 249 lbs the day she was born. When I was going to my prenatal doctor visits, I was so embarrassed to weigh, that I actually turned around on the scale so I wouldn’t see the number!  I wasn't aware that I had gained so much until I went to the hospital for delivery.  One nurse yelled out to another nurse across the room, "I got 249 for her weight!"  I was in shock, and about to die of embarrassment since my husband also got to hear it!

2.  What other "diets" (programs, products, plans, or services) had you tried in the past?

The Weight Watchers program has helped me re-learn what I should be eating and how to control my portions. I tried the Atkins diet a few times, but always regained the weight! With Calorie Count, I can easily track my foods in their database, and even look back to previous weeks when I have lost more weight and see what I ate that week, how much exercise I did, and then I can see what really worked for me that week. 

3.  What changes did you make to your usual diet, activity, lifestyle, and attitude?

I still eat the foods I love, just in moderation. I have stepped up my exercising and tried several different aerobics classes. There is a "Bodypump" class at my gym, which is a great overall workout. I also love the Zumba classes and the elliptical machines. If you are able to have a little fun while you exercise, it really helps keep you motivated! Listening to your favorite upbeat music helps the time during a workout go faster! Since I started, I have lost 69 lbs, and feel like I am on top of the world. It's empowering! After all, you are the only one who is control of your life and what you accomplish! The most important (and most difficult) change for me was to keep track of what I am eating each day. If you can make it through the first 6 weeks, it gets much easier!

4.  How did Calorie Count help you to lose weight?

By helping me monitor my food intake (calories, fat grams, fiber, etc.) in the Food Log and what percentages of each type of food I am eating. I figured out that I am a carbaholic and really need to focus on eating more vegetables. Calorie Count makes it easy to see what I am eating too much/too little of, and even gives a nutritional grade to let me know how I am doing each day. The Burn Meter helps me stay under my allotted calorie amount each day, and the Activity Log lets me know how many calories I have burned each day for whatever type of exercise I do. I also get excited every time I get to enter a weight loss in the Weight Log!  

5.  What was most challenging about losing weight?

Not completely eliminating food groups. I usually weigh myself on Fridays, to keep it consistent, and use Saturday as a "day off" and I eat what I want within reason! I really love to go to Applebee's and get their wings, which is my usual cheat meal. I look forward to it every week, and it keeps me going! You also have to vary your exercise routine, since your muscles have a memory, you need to keep challenging them to build.

6.  How long did it take you to see results? 

Within one week, I had lost 5 lbs. Some weeks I can lose 3 or 4 lbs, but the next week will be less. I just know that if I don't drop much this week, that next week I will drop more to make up for it. It all evens out, you just have to keep going. 

7.  When did you realize that you were a success?

When I won a Biggest Loser Contest for losing 23 pounds in 8 weeks. I beat almost 60 people, and it really gave me a sense of accomplishment.  I had an article and my picture in the local newspaper, and won 3 months memberships at a local gym, 5 free personal training sessions, a massage, and a metacheck test.

8.  How do you prevent relapse? 

I just remind myself how unhappy I was and how bad I felt, and refuse to let myself get there again. It's just not worth it! Staying in good health is also a major deterrent in gaining the weight back!  

9.  How has your life changed now that you've lost weight?

I feel incredible! I feel like a new woman! I have more energy, have more confidence, and am definitely happier.  I was like a cloud has been lifted from my head! I think that if a person can lose a substantial amount of weight, they can do anything they set their mind too! 

10.  What five tips do you have for other dieters?

  • If you bite it, write it. If you snack it, track it. If you hog it, log it! Write down every thing you eat and make yourself accountable. Calorie Count is a great tool to help you with this, since they have so many foods in their database with their nutritional information already listed.
  • Only weigh yourself once per week, and don't worry about the daily
    ups and downs on the scale.
  • Still incorporate the foods you love that are unhealthy, just eat
    them sparingly.
  • Get active. Find activities you love to do and do them. Try to change it up and not get bored with the same routine. Your muscles have a great memory, so to make them grow you must change things up
    every now and then.
  • Try to find some kind of support, whether it be a friend who will go on walks with you, or just someone who will ask how you are doing with your weight loss and keep you motivated.


If you would like us to feature your success story, you can submit it hereThe most insightful stories will be featured on this blog and in the weekly "Success Stories" newsletter.


Sheila, you are so right.  I was trying to diet for a month and nothing was working until I started logging what I was eating.  That was when the scale started to budge.  Years ago, that was what worked also.  So glad I found this site - it had made a world of difference.  I need to lose the weight due to arthritis in my knees and in one foot.  Every pound will help.  Thanks for your great words.

"If you bite it, write it. If you snack it, track it. If you hog it, log it!"


The title is so apt! and this is where calorie count helps. it keeps account of every calorie consumed and burnt. I have lost nearly 5 pounds in three weeks; and that too without starving myself.

Thank you...Your words are very encouraging. I am new to Calorie count and today is the day I begin logging my food intake and exercise. Smile

Your Story is Amazing. Tracking food makes you realize that if you don't log it, you're only being dishonest with yourself, because you are usually the only person that will ever view your diet log.

I also like how you give yourself a free day. Portion control is really the key, no matter what you eat.

I'm new too, and the part about the nurse screaming your weight out in front of your husband happened to me too....I was mortified!  Last night, something clicked, I am unhappy with body.  I need to realize I am in control of myself.  I can lose weight, and I am excited to see my progress, so far I love this tool!

I am also new to this site/program.  I had a defining moment last month when I turned 70. I recently returned from a vacation down South,gained 10 pounds in two weeks. I was stunned and felt it is now or never.  I hope with the tools offered here I will be able to reach my goal  weight by October 2010.

I think my lack of exercise is the key to my weight gains.



That's amazing. I feel inspired! Good job!

how true...i think what works for u is ure attitude, ure awreness ,ure philosophical take and ure hard core determination........ u indeed are a role model for every one on CC. congrats

Welldone,I endorse your comments re the Body Pump classes,I find them a great way to get some excercise into my daily routine

Great advice! and very motivational, before and after pic's are great.

Today is my second day - thanks for the wonderful advice!


Today is my second day too.  Last night, I went out and bought a scale....FINALLY!  I have to admit I am becoming a little obsessed with calorie counting, hopefully it sticks.  I did pass up my craving last night for a cocktail and a not so good snack.


I have a scale but I am too scared to go on it! 

I love the calorie counting. 

Learning to be accountable about my weight to me, myself, and I is what I'm hoping this site will do for me.  I've never had to be accountable about weight and so this will be a real learning process.  "Hearing" everyone's comments helps me know that if I take it one step at a time, DO the work (writing, writing, writing) and add some form of exercise, this weight which has crept up and up will hopefully slide off and off!!!!!  Thanks for all your comments - they help. 

today is my first day seeing you makes me want to do it ! wish me luck!!

yes its about accountability ....being proactive is what it takes to be not only fit but a hit.

I love that..."but a hit."

Thanks for sharing your story.....

sure ...a in if u are not fit what kind of self esteem wud u have.......

Your story is inspiring, I have been seriously logging for only two days, but I already know what you mean.  I love this site, just stumbled onto it and now I have added it to my favs.  I am at 229 lbs, and have a ways to go, but keep logging one day at a time and i Know in my heart of heart logging is the best thing to do and it will work.

Way to go with your weightloss and thanks for sharing your story..


Very late in responding but want to thank you for sharing your story. I love how you won that contest!! All that hard work and what a treat in addition to your weight loss. Great story!

Your story really hit home for me.  It is so similar to my own.  Thank-you for sharing and keeping us all motivated.

Talking to people who are also dieting makes a world of difference, most people dont want to hear you talk about calories and get annoyed.

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You look so much healthier. Keep up the good fight!

i m  new to this site , thanks  for sharing ur story.

Kelli (featured above) is my daughter.  I too have been inspired by her determination and hard work to lose weight.  Bless her heart, she had a very tough pregnancy, and has worked extremely hard (and is continuing her journey) to take off the weight she gained.  Kelli was so swollen w/flluid pre-delivery, a friend told me she hardly recognized her.   I felt so bad for her when told at the hospital she would have to deliver by C-section, which greatly disappointed both her and me.  She is my only daughter, and I was so looking forward to being with her when she delivered her precious baby girl, Kendall Grace.  The hospital has a policy that allows only one person in the delivery room with a new Mom if the delivery is by C-section.  Since her husband was going in, that meant I couldn't be there.  By the grace of God the delivery went well, even though she wasn't able to deliver the normal way, both Mother and baby were fine!  We were blessed in that the pre-eclampsia didn't cause any major problems during delivery! We had taken it very seriously since my grandmother (whom I never got to know) died during childbirth due to pre-eclampsia,  and I almost died due to pre-eclampsia giving birth to Kelli's brother.  Enough about all that.  After the birth, when Kelli was finally able to begin exercising, she was so driven, it amazed me.  She was determined not only to lose the weight she gained while pregnant, but to go further and get down to where she was when she was younger.  After the birth, I stayed at home with Kelli a lot of nighst to help with the baby, so I got to see first hand how she planned her meals, and struggled to resist temptations to eat after dinner.  It is almost as if you are fighting demons!  She was so dedicated she tracked (and continues to track) each morsel she ate!  When on Weightwatchers, you are allowed extra weekly points.  She would use some of those extra points for when she had a craving.  It was funny watching how she spent her last three or so points at the end of the day.  I too joined Weighwatchers, but couldn't bring myself to write down everything I ate.  Needless to say, I have only lost a few pounds.  That is the key....tracking it like she said.  I love the quotes....if you smack it, track it....etc.   I have made up a quote of my own...."To lose it, you must move it.!  By tracking her food intack, and finding exercises she likes, she has whittled away her baby weight, and her waiste is really looking good!  Her clothes are looking so good on her!   Kelli has also enjoyed using the tools at Calorie to help her further.  The other key is exercise.  I also take the Body Pump class, and it is a very fun exercise where you lift weights to music.  You can see results with your muscles so quickly!  It is a very inspirational class, as it is full of other people who love it.  Kelli said you can also buy DVD's of Body Pump if your local gym doesn't offer the class, or if you prefer to exercise at home.  You would have to buy your own barbells and weights though.  Anyway, I just wanted to further tell about Kelli's journey over the past months.  I also wanted to tell her how proud I am of her!  Rather than saying she was the "Biggest Loser" I would have to tell her, she was the "Biggest Winner"!


This is my second day, and i'm obsessed already with counting my calories...I love to see a good grade next to what I'm eating...It's so easy to do, this site is awesome and I'm glad I found it....I really think that this will work!!

Your catch phrase fits perfectly for what is happening to me!  I know I am eating "invisible" food...and that is keeping me from losing weight despite my very vigorous workouts! ha ha

I am going out to get a small notebook tonight to keep with me at all times...thanks for such an inspiring story!


Original Post by: beasli

I am also new to this site/program.  I had a defining moment last month when I turned 70. I recently returned from a vacation down South,gained 10 pounds in two weeks. I was stunned and felt it is now or never.  I hope with the tools offered here I will be able to reach my goal  weight by October 2010.

I think my lack of exercise is the key to my weight gains.



Hello Beasli,

I just turned 60 a month ago.  I need to lose 50 lbs., I've "played" around long enough and have decided to do something about the weight gain.

I just feel really fat and huff and puff when I walk. 

 I hired a personal trainer yesterday and will work with him at resistance training and a personal diet he's putting together for me.

I feel if I spend the money, maybe I'll stick to the workout regimen.

So, good luck with your venture.  Mary

i read your success story and am so excited for you!! i started calorie count 2 days ago and am loving it. looking forward to writing my success story!! you look amazing!! keep it up!!

You are such an encouragement to me. Thanks for your story, I can definitly relate.

wow, your story is so similar to mine. I just had my daughter a month ago and with my gestational diabetes, I went from 178 to 245. I also was embarrassed when I had to tell anesthesia my weight in front of my husband. I am also a nurse and will remember your story so I won't do that in front of a patient. Your story was exciting for me to read and gives me encouragement to lose my weight.

this is a massive change and you look amazinggg!!!

Congratulations! and thanks for sharing your story, Sheila.  Back in 2004, I lost 85 pounds (went from 307 to 222), and most of the credit goes to CC.  HOWEVER, I got too confident, stopped using CC, and over the past few years, I went back up to 270.  I got back into CC and have lost 25 pounds since May 23rd of this year.  I measure, weigh, or count EVERYTHING that goes into my mouth.  I'm having teriyaki-marinated chicken tenders for dinner today.  I weighed the chicken and measured the marinade.  EVERYTHING counts for me.  I bought a really neat kitchen scale and use it constantly.  I expect to be using CC forever.  The logs, the forums, the blogs, everything here is so helpful.  I still eat the foods I enjoy, just in smaller portions.  Thanks, again, Sheila, and best wishes to everyone on CC.

I love that about writing down everything that you put in your mouth so you don't lose track that those are calories too!  I think we tend to not realize how many calories are in what we eat and severely underestimate them.  When we track our calories and see them at the end of the day, it's shocking to believe we actually can eat that much.  It reminds me of tracking sodium intake.  I started looking at the sodium content of prepared foods & I couldn't eat that much salt in a week if I dumped it on from my own saltshaker.  The sodium in prepared foods gets "cooked" out so you don't taste it, but it's there. 

In addition to tracking my foods, fiber and water are my new best friends.  I'm now tackling getting enough sleep.  I didn't realize that a lack of sleep can cause weight gain & just staying up late out of boredome makes me eat more because my body is still working and needs fuel.  Now I try to go to bed at a decent time instead to give my body a rest and also reduce the fuel I need.

great job! Congrats on your success!

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