What is my healthy weight?
Asked by anonymous on May 16, 2008 in Weight Loss

I am a 5'3", 58 year old woman. My activity level is somewhat sedentary - office work and occasional walking (1-2 miles every other day).  I have high cholesterol.  What is a healthy weight for me?


The healthy weight range is between Body Mass Index (BMI) 19 and 24.9.  For a 5’3” woman, that translates to a range of 107 to 135 pounds.  But, within that range, your "personal best" healthy weight depends on your frame, which includes your bone structure and penchant for gaining muscle.  Age and cholesterol level should not influence your weight goal.  Use the Calorie Target calculator in the Tools section to find your requirements to reach your chosen weight.  See how the requirements change when you switch between sedentary, light and moderate activity levels.

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