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Free Delicious, Healthy Recipes for a Better Diet

Were you raised on meat and potatoes, and are now looking for healthy recipes? Use the recipe browser to find the best meals for your new lifestyle. By giving you hundreds of thousands of healthy recipes to choose from, and including their nutrition information and food grades, you are getting a real picture of what it means to eat healthy, and expanding your food palate at the same time. Find low calorie recipes by searching for certain food items and ingredients to get the most out of the browser. For example, if you are trying to incorporate more veggies in your diet, search for bell peppers in the browser and find healthy recipes that incorporate that specific item. Calorie Count members have developed thousands of diet recipes for all food and meal categories.

Get the Information You Need to Make Your Classic Recipes More Diet-Friendly

Do you have recipes that have been handed down through the family? Turn them into healthy recipes by tweaking the nutrition information to get a higher grade. The recipe browser has a seemingly endless supply of healthy recipes. Itís so much fun to use the recipe analyzer to generate a Nutrition Facts label for your entire recipe collection, which you can store in your personal recipe file on Calorie Count and share with your friends via your mailbox or on Facebook.

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When Annie learned she was pre-diabetic, she knew she needed to start treating her body better. She changed her attitude and her eating habits, and pushed herself to get results. Now, after losing 85 pounds, and maintaining her weight for over a year, Annie has learned to make healthy choices and enjoy the occasional indulgence. She’s working on changing her perspective, viewing herself in a new light, and breaking out of her shell.

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